Several strains of Secret Gardens of WA flower sitting side by side.

Secret Gardens of Washington in Seattle

Flower meets fairy tale

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The world of weed is a world of buzzwords.

“High grade”, “top shelf”, and “handcrafted” grace the packaging of so many products that the terms have been rendered meaningless.

Everyone claims to grow the cleanest cannabis, often with very little evidence to back up their declaration.

With so many companies touting their superior quality, what’s a quality-conscious smoker to do?

Well, if it were us, we’d smoke flower by Secret Gardens of Washington, and I502 producer from Bremerton, WA.

You see, the folks behind Secret Gardens aren’t in the business of making promises and not holding up their end of the bargain. They’re too busy doing what far too many other producers claim to be doing: cultivating clean, high grade, hand-tended cannabis.

A close up of a cannabis cola, sparkling with trichomes.

Legendary genetics. Fabled flavors.

Speaking of promises unkept: have you ever snagged your favorite strain of flower from a different producer than usual, only to get it home and realize it possesses little to no characteristics of the strain you love?

It’s a letdown.

But when you opt for Secret Gardens, you won’t run into that problem.

That’s because Secret Gardens tirelessly pheno-hunts, handpicking the best genetics. With familiar faves like Rude Boi and Tropicanna Cookies along with rare finds like Chungus OG and Crouching Tiger Hidden Alien, you’ll have no trouble finding a Secret Gardens to match your vibe.

They meticulously tend to their plants, nurturing them to bring out their best qualities.

And they keep their curing process dialed in to insure none of those qualities get watered down by the time your flower hits dispensary shelves.

You can feel confident that every experience will meet your expectations, no matter how lofty.

A nug of Secret Gardens' White Truffle, resting against its packaging.

Loyal to the soil

Call us soil snobs….but we’ve always believed growing cannabis in earth, the way nature intended, results in the best products.

And Secret Gardens of Washington holds a special place in our soil snob hearts. Their natural methods bring out the best in each and every strain, and it shows in each smoke.

Whether you’re a newbie chiefer, or, in the immortal words of Cheech Marin, have been smoking since you were born, there’s no better way to witness the dirt difference than puffing Secret Gardens’ flower.

An overhead shot of young cannabis plants, potted in soil.


You can find Secret Gardens of Washington products at all Lux Pot Shop locations!

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