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Torus in Seattle

Cannabis enters a brave new era

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Washington Craft Cannabis with Future-proof Finesse

There’s no other way to say it: we’re living in the space-age of weed.

Through thousands of years of humans consuming cannabis, it went relatively unchanged.

Now, comparing the flower of today to the flower from just 15 years ago calls forth marked differences in potency, aroma, even appearance. Apropos of innovation and evolution, there’s no time quite like the present to be a cannabis enthusiast.

And if you want to get a good sense of how state-of-the-art science plays out in smokable form? There’s no producer quite like Torus.

Three Mfused cartridges in full color, set against an abstract black and white background.

Cutting-edge Deep Water Cultivation. Contemporary Consistency.

Let’s start with the most notable characteristic of Torus’ modernized production methods, shall we?

This groundbreaking brand in Island County, WA is perhaps best known for one key element of their process: their proprietary deep water cultivation methods.

This isn’t your high school weed dealer’s hydroponics setup!

Traditional hydroponics systems use a substrate in place of soil- usually rockwool or coco coir- and amend it with nutrients and fertilizers in water.

But as those who know already know, Torus doesn’t adhere to tradition for tradition’s sake. Torus’ system skips the substrate altogether in favor of suspending the roots directly in water.

So what does this mean for you?

Glad you asked.

It means consistent flavors and highs from harvest to harvest.

Irresistible, Instagram-friendly jar appeal.

Oh, and don’t forget the smooth, mellow throatfeel that makes hydroponic flower the first pick of respiratorily-challenged stoners everywhere.

Plus, growing directly in water keeps used substrate out of landfills! So you get all the benefits of hydro, without the harm to the enviro(nment).

A 3.5g jar of Hyphy by Torus.

Torus Strains: Sci-Fi for the Senses

What do Torus and the Westminster Kennel Club have in common?

They’re both obsessed with finding the best genetics.

From Ice Cream Cake to Mint Milkshake to Lava Cake, Torus judiciously handpicks each and every pheno of every strain.

After all, THC is just one small facet of your high. So what sense would it make for THC content to determine a strain lineup? Torus evaluates their picks based on the value it adds to experiences and the unique expressions of the cannabis plant it exhibits.

Because when you’re growing cannabis for the right reasons, you want your customers to love it for the right reasons, too.

A 2-pack of Torus Ice Cream Cake prerolls.

Torus Culture: Connectedness Between Consumers

In geometry, a torus is a ring shape with no edges or ends. It’s a fitting namesake for a company that aims to bring about connection: connection with each other, with our surroundings, and within our own minds.

In that sense, Torus’ philosophy is as classic of an approach to cannabis as any. Hasn’t that what cannabis was always about throughout its long, sometimes tumultuous, history?

Torus may be taking a space-age approach to weed. But they haven’t changed everything.

Some things are so special, so sacred, they just can’t be improved upon. Only perfected.

3.5g of Torus Peanut Sundae #7.

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