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Lemonato Strain Review

Tranquil Forest shows us their sunny side with this sativa-dominant sparkler

Lemons and weed…..can you name a more iconic duo? It’s okay…we’ll wait. 

Of all the familiar flavors cannabis can replicate, lemon is, without question, the most on-the-nose. Even the “all strains smell and taste the same” camp can’t deny the citrus-packed punch of some good lemony ganj. 

Take one look at the current dispensary offerings, and you’ll see this uncanny ability leveraged with a bounty of lemon strains: Lemon Peel, Lemon TIme, Super Lemon Haze, Lemon Meringue, Lemon Cookies. Yep, finding a strain that tastes like lemon in 2022 is easy-peasy. 

But finding a strain with dimensional lemon flavor, and an equally gratifying high to boot? Now, that’s a taller order. 

At least, it used to be, until a certain strain came onto the scene: Lemonato, grown with expert precision by Spokane producer Tranquil Forest.

Bred in-house, this sativa-dominant cross of Straight Lemonade and Gelato 33 will fulfill your wildest lemon-scented dreams. 


The ultimate in jar a-peel 

Not all strains can be lookers…..but this one sure is. 

Donning a lustrous coating of resin and tinged with shades of mauve and goldenrod, its buxom buds are captivating.  With its prominent amber hairs and a chunky, compact structure, Lemonato is lovely from every angle.

And this dreamboat of a strain doesn’t just look spectacular. It delivers! Lemonato’s appearance might be a feast for the eyes…..but it’s really just an amuse bouche compared to what’s to come. 


Lemonato flower grown by Tranquil Forest


Make your senses smile

Lemonato tastes and smells like lemon- we’ve pretty much beat that point into the ground.  But  lemon is just one stop on the Lemonato flavor train. 

Crack the top off that jar, and you’ll be flabbergasted by the richness of its aroma: quintessentially citrusy, complemented gracefully by subtle notes of candied fruit and vanilla. Take a big whiff, and you’ll notice a pleasant cooling sensation as Lemonato’s scent passes through your nostrils. 

From the first hit, you’ll wonder: am I smoking weed, or a frozen lemonade at the state fair?

And actually, “a sunny day at the state fair” is the perfect way to think about Lemonato’s general vibe. Carefree, chipper, and enthusiastic, its effects are perfect for a celebration- even if it’s only to celebrate getting through the day.  

A touch of physical sedation offsets the most energetic aspects of this sativa-dominant strain, making it a solid choice for group gatherings between people with different cannabis preferences and experience levels. 

In other words: you know that friend that HATES sativas? If there’s any sativa-dominant strain that could change their mind, it’s this one.


Lemonato flower grown by Tranquil Forest


We think Lemonato will be your new main squeeze!

Shop for Tranquil Forest flower on our store menu,

or come in to any Lux location to see this splendid specimen for yourself. 


Veronica White

Veronica White

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