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Hype the taste….not the name

Let’s face it: some strains just don’t live up to what they’re called.

We’ve all bought flower whose name suggests it’ll taste like cotton candy, or conjures up images of flying to another planet. And then reality lets us down.

No one likes to play the “name game” every time they buy weed. And fortunately, no one has to, as long as Spokane breeder/cultivator Tranquil Forest is on the scene.

Soil-grown, cold-cured, and hand-trimmed in boutique batches, their flower is blue-ribbon quality exemplified. They carefully craft every product to live up to the loftiest of expectations.


Tranquil Forest cannabis flower Seattle


Tranquil Forest’s Philosophy

In an industry that’s increasingly driven by large yields and profit at the cost of quality, Tranquil Forest is the rare brand committed to doing things the right way. After all, their 20+ years of experience in local cannabis cultivation can’t be wrong!

Operating out of Spokane, WA with a team of 13 people, Tranquil Forest centers its practices around one thing: your 100% satisfaction. From their biodegradable soil growing medium to their impeccable hand-trimming to their exclusive genetics, they’ve got your best smoking interest in mind with every step.

“Good enough” isn’t in their vocabulary.


Tranquil Forest cannabis flower Seattle


Every Strain a Winner

When you see Tranquil Forest flower on store shelves, you can see it was grown with love. That’s obvious upon first glance at their dense, resinous, perfectly manicured flowers. But what you don’t see is their painstaking work behind-the-scenes: breeding and pheno-hunting, handpicking the best genetics.

Their staff test every single potential strain, and only their top picks make it into the lineup. And you won’t see anyone else growing most of them, either. Tranquil Forest fills its roster with in-house exclusives: Mac Miller, Drama Queen, Trendsetter, Dos Reinas, Envy Apple, Lemonato…. the list goes on.

Underwhelming strains simply don’t make the cut. You can be confident that, no matter which strain you try, you’re getting the creme de la creme. And you won’t have to name-drop…..not even once.


Tranquil Forest cannabis flower seattle


From the OGs to fresh, fruity flavors, Tranquil Forest has something for anyone who can appreciate fine flower.


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