We open our tale of chaos, courage, and cannabis strains with you, on a seafaring voyage. You have been tasked with the high responsibility of sailing a merchant ship across the sea.

Below deck is a lifetime supply of your favorite strain, pounds and pounds of it.

With the wind in your sails and smoke in your lungs, you push onward through the uncharted waters.

But, alas! One night, you awaken in your bunk to a loud scuttle! Your trusty vessel is sinking, and fast. 

You bail quickly, treading water through the wreckage and searching desperately for anything buoyant enough to save you from drowning. 

Among the flotsam and jetsam, you finally find your life saving floatation device: the large bale of your favorite strain that you had in cargo, vacuum sealed and watertight.

Using the buds as your life preserver, the violent swells carry you and your loot to the shore of an uninhabited, albeit beautiful, island. 


You kiss the ivory sand, grateful to be alive after your petrifying experience, and then, reality hits you.

It’s just you and your favorite strain against the world now. Time to trade in those sea legs for THC legs!

Does your strain have what it takes to help you adjust to life as a beachcomber? Or will you end up somewhere between the devil and the deep blue sea?

cannabis joint on leaf

We presented this situation to our staff, and posed a question: which strain would YOU choose to bring on this wild desert island adventure?

Here are 10 of their picks for the best weed strains you could be stranded with.


Shishkaberry – Saints 

Brian – Fremont


TOP NOTE:  Ripe, sun-warmed blueberries


BASE NOTE: Dried Spices

Being stranded on a desert island could get pretty harrowing, but at the same time, we’re Seattleites. It isn’t every day we get to be surrounded by sun and tropical scenery.

Why not slow down, be in the moment, and take it in? 

If you’re Brian, from our Fremont store, that’s exactly what you’d do. And you’d do it with a little help from indica dominant strain Shishkaberry, grown by Seattle weed legends Saints. 

Bred by crossing DJ Short Blueberry and Afghani, Shishkaberry has all the spacey relaxation and pain relief of a potent indica strain, with the warm, fuzzy mental high and creativity of its more sativa dominant brethren.

Shishkaberry is perfect to smoke during fireside conversations or content evenings watching the sunset.

And if you have the fortune of not being stuck on a desert island, Shishkaberry makes a great movie night companion. 


Zkittlez by Canna Organix, President Huckleberry by Fifty Fold, or DJ Short Blueberry by Pacific NW Roots


Cinderella 99 – Falcanna

David, Ballard


TOP NOTE: Fresh picked wildflowers

MIDDLE NOTE: Sweet orange blossom honey

BASE NOTE: Dry Champagne

If you want to survive on a desert island, you need skill and determination. If you want to thrive and live out all your Swiss Family Robinson dreams, you need Cinderella 99! 

For David, of our Ballard location, this cross of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk was an instant favorite.

While he was relatively new to cannabis when he first made her acquaintance, Cinderella 99 was the first strain that made an impression on him as far as how different effects can be from one strain to the other.

He is definitely no longer new to cannabis, but Cinderella 99 has held her spot in his strain rotation all the same. And with a top-notch company like Falcanna growing it, this strain will stay in that rotation for a long time to come.

Effervescent, refreshing Cindy 99 (as it’s sometimes called) leaves those who partake with a sense of drive and a feeling of unbridled euphoria and excitement, with little to no anxiety.

Whether you’re spending the day riding roller coasters or holed up playing Overwatch, Cindy 99 will make it enjoyable and productive. 


Copper River OG by Fifty Fold, Space Queen by Falcanna, or Thaiway 99 by Herba


raspberry ice cream cake strain gold leaf gardens


Raspberry Ice Cream Cake – Gold Leaf Gardens

Aaron, Ballard


TOP NOTE: Overripe berries

MIDDLE NOTE: Cottage Cheese

BASE NOTE: Dirty Socks

By his own admission, Aaron, from our Ballard location, is a luxury few can afford. An appreciation for the finer things in life usually wouldn’t translate well to life on an uninhabited island, but he has an idea of how he’d keep it classy: the potent Raspberry Ice Cream Cake by Gold Leaf Gardens, darling!

If Raspberry Ice Cream Cake were a Spice Girl, she’d be Posh. This top shelf indica dominant strain boasts a complex flavor profile that resembles sweet cheesecake and a forgetful, carefree high that will make you feel like a rich lady out to lunch.

Have the valet bring the Bentley out front when you’re done, too; the only finger you’ll wanna lift after you smoke this is your pinky, like the fancy pants you are.

Put on some latin jazz and enjoy it under the shade of a large tree with a charcuterie board, use it to make your country club croquet tournament more interesting, or take it to your next yacht party and ghostride the ship. Raspberry Ice Cream Cake is worth its weight in platinum, so luxuriate in luxury. Oh you fancy, huh?


5G by House of Cultivar, DJ Short Blueberry by Pacific NW Roots, or Donkey Butter by Mother Earth


Mamacita- Fifty Fold

Catlyn, Ballard


TOP NOTE: Sweet Lilac


BASE NOTE: Bold Citrus Zest

Mamacita is a natural choice for bringing to a desert island. An heirloom sativa strain from Puerto Rico with unknown genetics, she’s an island girl herself! 

Catlyn at Ballard didn’t choose Mamacita as her desert island strain because of her tropical roots, though. She chose her because of her spontaneous and energizing effects and nearly-magical ability to turn a bad day around. 

Having an unlimited supply of Mamacita is akin to having an unlimited supply of positivity.

Shipwrecking and floating to shore will feel like a refreshing dip in the water.

Getting your stash of food stolen by monkeys becomes a nice dinner with some friends.

Oh no, a rescue ship didn’t see you? That’s okay, actually; it just means more vacay for you! 

You’re here for a good time, and, most likely, a long time. If you want to take care of the “good time” part of that, Mamacita’s the marijuana strain for you . 


Legend of Nigeria by Bacon’s Buds, AK-47 by TJ’s Organics, Diesel Thai by Falcanna 


Durban Poison – TJ’s Organics

Emmy, Ballard & Ramsey, Lake City


TOP NOTE: Warm Clover Honey

MIDDLE NOTE: Sour Satsuma Orange

BASE NOTE: Old Growth Pine Forest

It doesn’t matter if you set up your camp in a treehouse on the beach or near the volcano’s caldera. Being stuck on a desert island with the famous Durban Poison by TJ’s Organics would be nothing but pleasant!

At least, Emmy of our Ballard location and Ramsey of our Lake City location sure think so. Both of them named it as the marijuana strain that had the juice to get them through life on a desert island. 

Concentration, centeredness, and joy are abundant for whoever indulges in this euphoric sativa.

As bubbly and bright as a Peach Bellini, Durban Poison is full of energy and a surefire way to make natural scenes more breathtaking and conversation more engaging. 

The uninhibited buzz and creativity it kindles can be found in other sativa strains, sure.

But can they do that without making you anxious or paranoid?

Doubt it!

Durban Poison can do that and more. Try it for yourself and you’ll see why this classic sativa strain isn’t going anywhere.


Mamacita by 50 Fold, LSD by Royal Tree Gardens, or Jesus by Saints 


coconut bamboo bong


Blueberry Margarita – Saints

Julia, Lake City


TOP NOTE: Ripe Fruit

MIDDLE NOTE: Diesel Exhaust Fumes

BASE NOTE: Aged Tequila 

We all have a marijuana strain that at one point made it clear for us:  not all weed is created equal.

You know, the strain that made you say, “Wow!” aloud to nobody in particular because it was just *that* good?

For Julia at our Lake City location, that strain is Blueberry Margarita by Saints!

A cross of DJ Short Blueberry and Margaritaz, this slightly sativa-dominant strain will never let you forget: it’s 5 o’clock somewhere! 

If you like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain, you’ll love this strain’s euphoric and silly effects.

Have a twister tournament, do a paint-and-sip, or catch up on your reality shows; Blueberry Margarita will loosen up your body and bring the party. Taking life with a grain of salt is a whole lot easier when it’s accompanied by a big swig of this fruity refreshment. 

Who said wastin’ away again in Margaritaville was a bad thing? Definitely not Julia!


Mimosa by Saints, Mimosa by Millennium Green, or Middlefork by Royal Tree Gardens


Skymaster – Washington Bud Company

Shelby, Lake City & Josie, Fremont


TOP NOTE: Fresh Lemongrass

MIDDLE NOTE: Earthy berry

BASE NOTE: Sundried Mud

Aside from surviving, there’s not much to do on a desert island besides daydream.

It’s a good thing, then, that Shelby, from Lake City, and Josie, from Fremont would choose to have an unlimited supply of Skymaster by Washington Bud Company, should they ever be in that situation. 

Skymaster is stoney, smiley, and “head-in-the-clouds” dreamy, a result of its Master Kush and Blue Dream parent strains. Shelby and Josie both enjoy it because it represents the best aspects of its genetics rolled into one spellbinding sativa-hybrid.

Skymaster has a special place in the heart of Josie in particular; it was the first strain to give her alleviation from anxiety and offer her hope. 

We all need a little attitude adjustment from time-to-time! Whether you’re seeking relief from the stress of everyday life or want to expand the horizons of your mind, Skymaster’s got you. 


Cherry Cookies by House of Cultivar, Orange Limeade by Kindness Cannabis, or Dutch Treat Haze by Washington Bud Co


9lb Cherry – Fifty Fold

Thomas, Lake City


TOP NOTE: Tart Cherry

MIDDLE NOTE: Chlorine Swimming Pool

BOTTOM NOTE: Concord Grape

No judgments here, but if you’ve ended up marooned on an uninhabited island, you’re probably not amazing at following maps or directions.

No need to be embarrassed! We happen to think following a map is overrated, anyway. Wandering off the trail in a daze and getting lost in nature is more our speed.

Thomas, of our Lake City location, couldn’t agree more, and chose a perfect strain to help him do just that: 9lb Cherry, a strain grown by the superstar team at Fifty Fold. 

9lb Cherry is an Indica-leaning cross of 9lb Hammer and Mother Tongue, and has a spacey, potent high that will leave you unfocused and elated.

It’s name implies heaviness, which is a half-truth. Yes, 9lb Cherry is sedative on the body, but as far as mental effects go? It will only lighten your load.

With the help of this great strain, your mind drifts gently from thought to thought, without feeling like you’re “alone with your thoughts”. This deep state of relaxation and calm lends itself well to wanderlust.

So feel free to be as bad as you like at following directions. Just be sure to take some 9lb Cherry with you to make getting lost the adventure it should be!


9lb Hammer by Trail Blazin’, Sunset Dosi by Kindness Cannabis, or Slurricane by Fifty Fold


Orange Zottz Canna Organix


Orange Zottz – Canna Organix

Troy, Fremont


TOP NOTE: Blood Orange

MIDDLE NOTE: Honeydew Melon

BASE NOTE: Earthy Roasted Chestnut

Is it possible to have the “best of both worlds” when your world is confined to one tiny island?

For Troy from our Fremont location, it’s more than possible. If you have an unlimited supply of Orange Zottz by Canna Organix, that is.

A cross of Fuzzy Melon and Gelato #41, this greenhouse-grown flower was allowed to soak up the sun and has a complex terpene profile to show for it.

Troy, however, is most taken by the strain’s versatility. Its effects are a melding of positive attributes on both sides of the indica/sativa coin, making it a stellar choice for social gatherings among friends with varying cannabis preferences.

Of course, it’s also a superb choice for individual activities, too: gaming, watching cartoons, digital crate-digging, whatever your thing is.

Orange Zottz is your “party friend” and your “gives good advice friend”, wrapped up in a fruity indica dominant package.

Mood-enhancing, motivating, and mellow all at once, Orange Zottz is always along for the ride, but never in the driver’s seat. 


Sea Monkey by Falcanna, MAC by Gold Leaf Gardens, or Gucci Fruit by Tilted


Middlefork – Royal Tree Gardens 

Veronica, Ballard


TOP NOTE: Cherry cough syrup

MIDDLE NOTE: Blueberry clafouti

BASE NOTE: Rotting tree stump

Homesickness would be a concern for a lot of folks if they were marooned on a desert island. Veronica, of our Ballard location, is one of them. To combat any potential homesickness, sher chose an uplifting Pacific NW classic to remind her of home: Middlefork, by Royal Tree Gardens.

While it isn’t the only strain that’s a cross of DJ Short Blueberry and Dutch Treat, Middlefork is a cut above the rest. Sativa-dominant and clear headed, think of it as self-care in weed form.

Its Blueberry genetics are relaxing enough to keep you as firmly planted as a towering Evergreen pine. However, the focused, heady traits of its Dutch Treat parent split through this initial body sedation with the force of a salmon rushing upstream.

Hiking, slacklining, kayaking, or any other quintessential west coast activity pair particularly well with this Royal Tree Gardens exclusive. 

Keeping someone from going insane while they cope with the isolation of being stranded is a tall order, but if any strain could do it, it’s Middlefork. The cozy, euphoric energy it rouses has the power to make anyone feel right at-home, no matter how far “home” is. 


Low Tide by Falcanna, DJ Short Blueberry by Pacific NW Roots, Mojito by Royal Tree Gardens 


coconut bong


Did you see your “desert island”marijuana strain listed above?

If not, let us know what you’d bring- we’d love to know!