Mojito is a cross of Limegerian x Orange Blossom Trail bred by Swamp Boys grown by Royal Tree Gardens. The name says it all. When you open the jar, it doesn’t even smell like weed.You’re reminded of a basket of limes nestled in a bed of fresh mint.

My partner Joel, a perfumer hobbyist, was so captivated by the terpene profile that he wanted to create a perfume inspired by it. Once you bring the jar up to your nose, you’ll want to completely lose yourself in its aroma. The taste definitely matches up to the scent, and lingers in the mouth well after finishing the final hit. It’s sweet and minty with a hint of lime. Mojito couldn’t be a more perfect name.

As far as effects, here’s a quote from Joel in the dead of night at 3 A.M. after smoking mojito all night and probably all day: “We’re having an earthquake.” We were not having an earthquake. There was no noticeable movement. Yes, it’s that heady. I can’t smoke more than one bud of it myself, but for those who are looking for the most cerebral sativa you can find, this is your best bet. It’s fun. Go buy an eighth if there are any left! – Zakk