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Pressure Strain Review

An Exotic Genetix hybrid cross of Rainbow Chip and Gary Payton, cultivated by Bacon’s Buds


We’re always looking for the next cannabis strain that’s about to pop off.

Well, folks, break out the champagne and twist open your party crackers, because it’s here: Pressure, bred by cannabis visionary Exotic Genetix and grown with love by Washougal cultivators, Bacon’s Buds.

If this hybrid cross of Rainbow Chip (Sunset Sherbet x Mint Chocolate Chip) and Gary Payton ({Cookies x Cherry Pie} x Snowman) doesn’t knock your socks off, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that will.


Take in all its beauty…Go on, we insist!

Pressure is one of the rare strains whose appearance can be categorized as atmospheric. Its rich tints of indigo, yellow, purple, and pale green provide the backdrop for its dense coating of gleaming trichomes, like the view from a plane window covered in frost. Add a little Pressure, and improve any stash jar.

Wanna push your friends to step up their weed game? Bring Pressure to the smoke sesh. It commands attention.


Momentous effects, for daytime or nighttime

If its compact buds in mind-blowing hues of purple and blue don’t steamroll you into giving it a try, its potent, relaxed high might persuade you.

In terms of force per unit per area? Pressure’s packing so much punch, forget THC and CBD percentage! We should measure its strength in Newtons.

Your anxiety about work? Sandbagged.

The tension in your body? Squashed.

The stress of your day-to-day life? Smashed to smithereens.

But its relaxing attributes don’t exist in a vacuum. This supercharged strain bolsters a condensed version of the most desirable effects on both sides of the indica-sativa spectrum.

Its uplifting, warm, fuzzy mental effects pull you out of the depths of depression with no haste, like a diver with the bends. Pressure’s helpful, collected buzz may be the push you need to tackle that project you’ve been putting off.


So gassy, it needs a “CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE” warning

We’re not pushing the aroma of this strain to the side. So don’t be pressed!

Pressure is pumped full of sour, doughy fragrance and full-bodied flavor. Once you open the jar to release the Pressure and its bouquet of diesel and chestnut, there’s no containing it. With the vigor of an aerosol air freshener, its dense fumes fill the room, a signal flare to everyone else within a thirty-foot radius that says, “I only smoke the dankest bud”.

Inhale, and you’ll be bursting with the complexity of its flavor. From its tingly warmth on the tongue to its hints of sour lemon and vanilla on the exhale, Pressure’s terpene profile is enough to make you topple over in a state of bliss.


So if you haven’t tried Pressure yet…..there’s nothing to do that’s more pressing!

Reserve yours for pickup via our store menus, or swing by any Lux location and see this strain for yourself!

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