MIRACLE ALIEN COOKIES GENETICS: Alien Cookies x (Colombian x Starfighter) bred by Capulator.

APPEARANCE: Dense spear structure, light green, covered in thick white resin.

FLAVOR: Sour grapes and citrus with a hint of floral.

EFFECTS: Strong stone behind the eyes, with a happy confidence boost.

GROW MEDIUM: KIS organic soil


The hype is real

How do we even start this review…it’s hard to stop staring at this frosty white nugget. Miracle Alien Cookies from Gold Leaf Gardens is back and better than ever! The appearance, effects, flavor, and smooth smoke all stand out to make this hybrid a staple in our personal smoke. Don’t get it twisted though, MANY producers are growing MAC nowadays. If you’ve been bummed in the past, don’t loose hope! This batch from Gold Leaf smells like a floral cologne with a hint of citrus. Doesn’t really smell like herby/skunk weed, more like a flower or essential oil. Could honestly be used in a scented plug-in and those unaware would never guess it’s weed. Along with the flower, we also got some delicious hash rosin from Polar Icetracts. This specific batch is a 50/50 blend of MAC and GG4 flower both grown by Gold leaf. The high is similar to the flower effects just lasts longer and easier on the lungs. Like anything though, don’t over hype it. It’s a real good smoke, don’t expect your life to change or anything though.

It all starts with clean cannabis cultivation

First off, Gold Leaf Gardens provides one of the happiest and healthy environments for cannabis to thrive in. All organic inputs and decades of hand crafted cultivation, brings out the fullest potential of the cannabis. Dense buds coated in white with a strong fruity aroma signify it’s time to light up! Commonly you’ll see some sparkle on good weed, but this MAC takes it to a new level. Theres layers of milky resin covering the bright green bud as if a snowstorm just hit in July. The strong flavor of funky fruit is hard to pin point. A mix of sour grape and orange, but some floral musky hints balance out the sweetness.

Silky Smooth Smoke

Some people have iron lungs and can take huge hits of anything. Most of us however, are not olympic swimmers. Usually you meet a point during the inhale when your throat starts to tickle and tells you finish up, or else a big coughs coming. The smoothness of this MAC makes big hits feel like you’re breathing in fresh air. The feeling of filling up your lungs like you’re doing yoga and having minimal restriction is truly relaxing. Great for the first puff of the day, the effects have a calming side but theres enough of a heady high to keep things feeling upbeat.

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*Limited Supply Available