GG4 short for Gorilla Glue #4, is gaining so much popularity over the years. In fact, it continues to be one of the most sought out cannabis strains in the nation 5 years after it’s public release. A complex cross of Sour Dub x Chem’s Sister x Chocolate Diesel, this strain begins with Josey Whales and Lone Watie. Co-founders of GG Strains Genetics, the two have been cultivating medical marijuana in Nevada for a long time.

After the strain won 1st place awards at the 2014 Michigan and Los Angeles High Times Cups everyone wanted to try some. About 125 cuttings of the Original Glue (GG#4) were released the same year at a Los Angeles High Times event. After that it got shared like crazy. This was good for most, however, finding a true GG4, has become harder amongst the hundreds of variations. So many people claim to be growing it but often have crossed it with something else or got an imitation from a friend.


We can’t confirm this is a verified GG4 from GG Strains, only 125 cuts were originally given out so who knows. With that said, every glue lover should try some from Gold Leaf Gardens. They grow one of the best GG#4 we’ve had, and continue to smoke it years later. Light green and full of frost, these buds are true to name. The thick coating of resin definitely “glued” up the scissors trimming them. It’s always a good sign when you turn the jar upside down and the nuggets stick together. It’s hard to find strains that are this caked up in resin nowadays.

When you start to break down the flower, your fingers will get sticky quick and smell of sour musk similar to epoxy glue. This sounds awful but it’s an aroma like the smell of petrol. Some people love it, some hate it. If you like indica strains that have an earthy, funky aroma you’ll love this cut of glue.


As far as effects go, this batch of glue has a good balance of head and body feel. In lighter doses it feels heady and giggly, good for daytime fun. Smoke a fatty and you’re probably going to stuck to the couch for a while. The high is strong and relaxing without being overly sedative. Sure if its your first night smoking it you might go to bed earlier, it qualifies as a one-hit-quitter for sure. With that said, after the first night we found it to be a go to for a variety of activities from going out to staying in. The stoney smiley effects are the most present and glue the eye lids low, but not shut.

With so many sweet strains like Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato and Wedding Cake flooding the market, it’s a really nice break to get a strain like GG#4. With it’s addictive flavor and consistently potent effects, many people rely on Gorilla Glue today. A very common go-to strain when someone wants quick relief and a happy head. Everything Gold Leaf grows is done in organic living soil from KISS Organics based in Redmond, WA. Their plants are grown to their full potential and responsibly cultivated for the consumer and Earth.