DJ Short Blueberry Strain from Pacific NW Roots

DJ Short Blueberry is distinctly berry. As soon as you open the jar, pure blueberry bliss smacks you in the nose. The flavor is mouthwatering. There’s a distinct difference between “this tastes kind of like blueberries” and “I’m practically just eating blueberries.” This smoke is jammy and sweet, like I’m just eating blueberries. It’s probably some of the best smelling and tasting flower we’ve had. The high is special too – silly, light hearted, stony. We’ve been describing this strain as making me pretty dumb in the best way. It is a great reset at the end of a hectic work day, but isn’t too heavy or sleepy that is can’t also be used it to start a tranquil day off.

DJ Short Blueberry: known for it’s flavor not appearance

It’s a great, relaxed any time of day smoke for many. Wasn’t overly wowed by the jar appeal at first, but I think this is a great example of strong lineage hid behind inconspicuous buds. Kaya and his company Pacific NW Roots represent the unique highs and flavors on the region. We also did a review of their sweet CBG hash which you can check out here! A huge influence to many growers I have not been able to stop recommending it to friends and customers alike. It is a unique PNW genetic unrivaled in its quality.

Pacific Northwest Roots Cannabis and Solventless Hash Oil

*limited supply available, call ahead or order online!