CBG Hash Rosin by Pacific NW Roots

CBG hash is here! More and more we’ve become interested in CBG products, we love Kaya and Pacific NW Roots so naturally we were very excited to give this a try. Kaya is a long time cannabis breeder in Washington. Recently he found one phenotype from a breeding project that tested particularly high in CBG. We now have this phenotype in the form of solventless hash oil. One of our floor leads Grace had a great personal experience. Here’s what she had to say about it!

CBG Hash Review

“The first thing that stood out to me about this dab was the flavor – WOW. It’s sweet, very smooth, and pleasantly lingers afterward. Earthy sweetness with hints of sweet floral (like jasmine). I love it, and I think it’s one of the best tasting dabs I’ve ever had. On first attempt I actually had a pretty severe migraine, and hoped it may alleviate some of that. Upon doing the dab, I felt IMMEDIATE relief in my head. Granted I still felt discomfort, but I went from hardly being able to lift my head up to moving around and feeling fairly normal. I found there to be noticeable mood effects as well – I had been very anxious and tense prior. I felt a bit more carefree – a very “this too shall pass” energy washed over me. This feeling, and a general lightheartedness seemed to increase in the time following the dab.

In my following dabs, I found it to just give me a great mood boost. I’ve been struggling with a lot of depression and anxiety, and this CBG dab has been a great addition to my repertoire on the days when I’m feeling lowest. The consistency of the concentrate itself isn’t my personal preference. It doesn’t gain much pliability, and had a texture similar to melted candy when I first tried it. After leaving it out of the fridge for a couple hours, it softened to a more taffy-like consistency that I found better for my taste. That being said, the effects and flavor make this CBG hash still very worthy of trying regardless of user error on the texture!”

Pacific Northwest Roots Cannabis and Solventless Hash Oil