Is that summertime sadness hitting you hard right now? Are you down in the dumps because it just doesn’t “feel like summer”? Well, so are we. Between the crummy weather and quarantine, we haven’t gotten much fun-in-the-sun this year.  But here at (Lux), we’ve found a little something to take the bummer out of summer 2020. Enter: Orange Limeade, expertly cultivated in small-batches by our friends at Kindness Cannabis.

Quarantine Just Got a Lot More A-Peel-Ing

Quintessentially summery, Orange Limeade is a slice of living-your-best-life. This Kindness exclusive hybrid cross of 24k and Tahiti Lime has the hazy, happy-go-lucky vibe of a sunny day well-spent. And from its distinct, citrusy aroma to its cheery, chatty effects, the consensus is clear. It’s impossible to feel sour with this refreshing libation!

It’s true that barbecues and beach parties aren’t on the agenda for summer 2020. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still make some awesome memories! And with Orange Limeade by your side, there’s no other way to see the glass other than half-full.

Didn’t get to go on that international trip you had planned? Orange Limeade will turn a typical walk around your neighborhood into an exciting sightseeing excursion.

Music festival cancelled? Get a few friends together, and smoke some of this. After that, you’ll be having your own festival right in your living room in no time. (And you won’t have to use a single port-a-potty!)

So don’t waste any more of your summer months being glum about what you *could* be doing. Take a big hit of Orange Limeade, and get back some of that zest for life!

Easily one of the most citrus packed strains we currently carry. Notes of lime backed by a tinge of earth. Pick up some Orange Limeade at any (Lux) location today, and quench that thirst for summer fun!