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Roll Your Own!

“Next to making a proper omelet or wiping your own ass, rolling a joint is an essential life skill for any self-respecting member of society.” -Anthony Bourdain

A hand-rolled joint is, without question, the pinnacle of cannabis enjoyment.

Through many years of humans enjoying the good herb, it’s remained the most universal, tried and true method.

Don’t continue to settle for a subpar smoke- you’ve got this. There’s never been a better time than now to roll your own.


Roll in Style



Want something done right? Do it yourself! At least, that’s how the old adage goes. Whoever it was that first said that *probably* wasn’t talking about rolling up weed……but we are.

You may prefer them tightly-rolled, or you might like them on the smaller side. Maybe you want to feel like you’re smoking a Louisville Slugger. Maybe you want some hash sprinkled in.

Whatever your steeze is, one thing is for certain: you’re not going to find a machine anywhere that can roll your favorite kind of joints quite like you can.


Roll in Savvy



Think prerolls are cheaper than smoking flower? Think again! There are no workarounds or cheat codes when it comes to quality. Pre-rolls are cheaper than flower because, well….. they have to be.

The material in a preroll isn’t the same grade of material that’s going into a grower’s jars or bags. It’s not trickery or deceit; it’s common sense! If you had a coveted item, would you process it more just to sell it for less?

When you opt for prerolls, you may save a couple bucks, but you end up with a significantly inferior product. In that sense, you’re actually paying a premium price.

Why not get your money’s worth? Opt to roll your own, and you’ll soon see why that $5 difference is $5 well spent.


Stumped? Start here!


Stuffing a pre-rolled cone with a cone loader may not *technically* be rolling your own, but they’re a good starting place if you’re normally a pre-roll smoker. The fresher, higher-grade flower you use when you roll or stuff your own is what really makes a difference.

Check out the process below!



Or….Step it up!


If cones aren’t your thing, and you wanna actually learn to roll in the traditional sense of the word, look no further! Our “How to roll a joint” article will walk you through the process.

You can also freshen up your skills anytime at our in-store joint rolling practice stations…..papers, crutches, and fake nuggage on the house.


Roll in Splendor



Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane, back to when prerolls were first invented: those good old medical days.

If you bought a pre-roll then, chances are it was rolled that day by the dispensary staff, with material they grew in the very same building. They still weren’t rolling up the beau-monde buds into joints-but the looser regulations meant fresh, handcrafted preroll options were abundant.

Now, let’s snap back to today: Washington dispensaries can’t have any loose product on the premises, so pre-rolls that are hand-rolled that day? Not a thing.

Instead, joints sit for weeks, sometimes months, before someone smokes them.

The base material for it certainly wasn’t grown in the building you bought it in.

And the person selling you that joint didn’t roll it themselves; a machine did.

All this is to say that regulations and industry standards change, and with them the product offerings.

But through it all, you can always depend on flower.

That sacred process of looking at the buds, opening the jar, smelling it, breaking it down….it’s  cathartic before you even get high.  Touched by the fewest hands, virtually unchanged for 1000’s of years….flower is where cannabis begins and ends.

If you’re just looking to get a little stoned, by all means, go with a preroll. But if you want an immersive, multisensory experience, the one patients and growers fought for decades to have access to? You’re going to have to roll your own.


Roll In Sustainability



Cannabis production already has a significant environmental impact. The looming threats of pests, inclement weather, and theft make a good chunk of producers opt for indoor cultivation- which requires a lot of water and energy.

State regulations require everything to be in sealed, single-use packaging, so producers’ hands are tied there.

Factor in the additional processing needed for product categories other than flower, and you’re looking at what might be the least sustainable cash crop.

So why add to that impact by buying a joint in a single-use plastic tube? It may not seem like much….but even if you only buy one preroll a week, that’s 52 single-use plastic tubes a year.

If you buy an eighth or a quarter of flower at a time and roll your own, that waste shrinks significantly.



So, what are you waiting for? Grab some flower to experience the best smoke, impress your friends, all while reducing packaging waste! 



Veronica White

Veronica White

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