With Earth Week just around the corner, it’s time to face a difficult truth: cannabis production has its fair share of ecological consequences. 

Aside from the massive amounts of energy and water it requires, cannabis cultivation also has a notable impact on deforestation. 

Whether it be indoor or outdoor cultivation, cannabis facilities require large plots of land, and, in the interest of security, are often located in remote, forested locations. All up and down the west coast, dense, pristine woodland has been cleared to make way for legal weed. 

Cannabis isn’t a lone actor in deforestation- there are scores of agricultural products whose production leads to a similar or greater impact. But its consequential effects on our forests are observable all the same. The gaping holes in the forests of Humboldt County created by cannabis growing operations over the past 20 years paint a clear picture of what weed can do to woodland ecosystems. 

So how can you, a cannabis consumer, help mitigate this impact? 

Well, you can start by participating in the Lux Pot Shop x One Tree Planted Tree for Trees fundraiser. 

1000 new trees for PNW Forests

Founded in 2014, One Tree Planted is a nonprofit organization committed to fighting deforestation. In every corner of the globe, including our lovely Pacific Northwest, their volunteers and staff plant native species of trees where they’re needed most: areas ravaged by forest fires, invasive species, and agricultural deforestation. 

Starting Thursday April 21st , for every 3.5g of Tranquil Forest, Kush Brothers, Bacon’s Buds, TJ’s Organics flower you purchase, we’ll plant a tree in your honor via a donation to One Tree Planted. 

You’ll have a chance to support One Tree Planted with your flower purchase you’ll help us reach our goal of 1000 trees- and the more you buy, the more trees you’re helping to plant. 

You get some tree, and our local ecosystems get some trees back. Everyone wins!

Don’t miss out on this chance to support PNW conservation! 

Come to any Lux location today and help us restore our beautiful forests to their former splendor.