White Urkle Cannabis plant flowering at Subdued Excitement
Cookies n Cream Flower by Subdued Excitement
Flowering bud grown at Subdued Excitement

Subdued Excitement

Grown Near Canada

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Subdued Excitement is a tier 2 producer/processor based in Ferndale,WA grown near Canada. With decades of cultivation experience, Sub X has connections to some of the most superior genetics in the world. With a wide spectrum of flavors and effects, Sub X focuses on providing unique highs for the best possible experience. Either a new strain you haven’t tried yet, or an excellent representation of one you’ve had in the past, there’s always something exciting coming from them.

Fans of strong orange flavors will be pleased to know Sub X grows various citrus strains that lean both indica and sativa directions. You can start the day with their Orange Poison, a cross of Orange Juice Bud x Durban Poison for a motivating morning buzz. When you’re ready to kick back, their Orange Cookies or Orange Sherbet are great dessert options. Sometimes unique flavors matter most, other times effects come first. White Urkle, The White x Purple Urkle is a great example of this. While the pine flavor is still enjoyable, the effects are what bring us back. The high begins with a head rush of happiness then quickly melts the body over with relaxation. Sleep, recover, couch surf, White Urkle is your friend. 

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