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Seattle Bubble Works

The Premier Pick for Bubble Hash and Infused Joints 

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Quality Hash. Supreme Value.

Looking for bubble hash that rivals a high-end brand…without the high-end price tag? Then end your search with Seattle Bubble Works.

Across the Seattle recreational cannabis market, Seattle Bubble Works continues to earn positive review after positive review.

Premium Hash

Seattle Bubble Works’ flagship bubble hash complements your favorite flower products perfectly. Top a bowl with it, or roll it into a joint for a slow-burning, flavorful smoke.

You can even make your own “secret menu” by strategically pairing hash and flower strains together. The only limit? Your imagination.

Convenient Pre-rolls

Don’t know how to roll a joint and too busy to learn? No sweat. Seattle Bubble Works still has a product for you. Their pre-rolled joints deliver a smooth, satisfying experience with each puff.

Pick up a 2 pack of their signature half gram joints rolled with bubble hash and smoke one now, one later. Or go hog wild with their original Hash Cannon: 3 half gram joints attached together with a snake of their old-school rolled hash. You can’t go wrong!

Minor Cannabinoids: CBN, CBG, CBD, and More

A company at the forefront of minor cannabinoid products, Seattle Bubble Works even has options for smokers seeking specific effects. From CBN, CBG, to CBD and beyond, if you’re looking for it, you’ll find it with Seattle Bubble Works.

A 2-pack of Torus Ice Cream Cake prerolls.

The Seattle Bubble Works Process

How you use Seattle Bubble Works’ products is your business. How they make them, though? Also your business! Read on to find out their process.

Flower. Ice. Water. That’s it!

To start, the folks at Seattle Bubble Works take premium flower, and agitate it with ice water to detach its delicate trichomes.

Then, they sift these off through several layers of mesh bags. And voila: bubble hash.

You thought this section was going to be longer? Think again! We tried to maximize the word count here, but their process is so simple that this is the best we could do.

A 3.5g jar of Hyphy by Torus.

We’re proud to be one of Seattle Bubble Works’ choice retailers!


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