As cannabis concentrates continue to evolve in Washington, so are the tools used to enjoy them. Dabbing, once seen as an elite stoner activity full of complexity, is now as simple as a click of a button. The Duo E-rig by High Five is so easy to use, I’m hitting it while writing this sentence.

*Cough cough* When vaporizing hash oil took off years ago, the choice was a glass rig with the proper accessories or a vape pen. The glass rig setup appeals to the smoker that want manual control over the amount of oil used and vapor temperature. Vape pens offer less control but provide a discrete and windproof way to vape on-the-go.

Both systems have their advantages but also limitations. Taking waterfront dabs with a torch and rig setup sounds nice but any wind can cause more headache than tasty clouds. Vape pens are small and portable but only heat up a specific consistency of oil. Because of this requirement, the concentrate is further filtered into a honey oil resulting in some loss of flavor and effects. Eco friendly peeps should also note that vape cartridges cannot be recycled after their single use.

Dab At Home, Vape On-The-Go

As a cannabis oil user who wanted both a long lasting high and great flavor, on-the-go convenience wasn’t very possible, until now. If there’s one piece of paraphernalia to have this year it’s the Duo E-Rig from High Five. Designed locally here in Seattle, we’ve been patiently waiting for these smart rigs to release. Since we saw the attention to detail in the prototype, we knew this device was going to be something special.

High Five has been producing both desktop e-nails and portable vape pens for many years. They took this knowledge to combine the two products offering the convenience of a vape pen with the manual control of an e-nail.

High Five is certainly not the first company to make an e-rig. However, they are the first to make one that tastes great, very easy to keep clean, and rips with airflow similar to a bong.

The best part about the Duo E-Rig is that you can use any type of dabbable concentrate! Even solventless options like rosin and high grade bubble hash vape well on the provided quartz insert with one click.

Custom Convenience

One of the biggest challenges from traditional dabs is timing the hit correctly. It’s very easy to over heat or underheat your rig resulting in burnt oil or a puddle of waste. The Duo allows you to set a specific temperature for your hit. We suggest starting at a low temp around 380-420 and going up from there if a bigger hit is needed.

You can also decide how long you want the oil to be heated for. The hit duration maxes out at 60 seconds. Which means if you put in a pea sized dab, you’re about to be inhaling clouds for a minute (literally). For those real big dabs that seem to never end, simply press the button again to ensure nothing gets wasted. Having the ability to customize your hits temp and duration makes the Duo appealing to both curious beginners and convert a seasoned dab head alike.

Key Duo Advantages

  • Specific temperature control truly vaporizes the hash oil for a longer/smoother/tastier hit
  • Vapor is pulled up and away from the heating element keeping the electrical wiring clean and long lasting.
  • Use any type of dabbable concentrate, even solventless options like hash rosin and bubble hash!
  • Includes a 16mm wide quartz insert similar to a regular sized banger.
  • Magnetic carb cap stays attached to the rig when not in use.

There’s Always Room For Improvement

While the Duo is pretty dang sweet out of the box, nothing is perfect. The biggest downsides we’ve found include…

Weight: The powerful battery that brings the heat, also brings a couple extra pounds to your bag.

Mouthpiece: If you’re a steady dabber you might find the provided standard mouthpiece to get clogged after a heavy sesh. Fortunately High Five recently released a bent neck mouthpiece attachment (pictured above) that has wider tubing for heavy use.

Battery: The battery life allows 15-20 hits before a charge is needed. While the battery works well to the end, we found a fresh battery to provide a slightly bigger hit. The pass through USB charger allows you to fully use the rig plugged in. Big group sesh? Bring a portable charger for dabs all night.

Size: Smaller hands might find the ergonomic fit a little too wide to comfortably hold.

Tips and Conclusion:

If the glass mouthpiece is starting to clog with residue, soak overnight in 90% ISO alcohol. If the oil isn’t completely dissolved by the morning, warm up the side of the glass under hot water to get the remaining oil absorbed into the alcohol.

The Duo comes with titanium and quartz bowls and both work well. More flavor on the quartz, bigger clouds with the titanium in our experience. Level up with the Silicone Carbide Bowl (SIC) if you want to dab at even lower temperatures with improved flavor and smoother vapor.

Overall, we’ve been very impressed with the functionality and consistent performance of the Duo. You get more vapor while using less oil than a traditional torch rig setup. Discrete and simple, use it on the couch, at the beach, or on top of Mt. Baker with ease. Available for in store pickup at all of our locations.