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Stingers Pre-rolls in Seattle

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Powerful Infused Pre-rolls at a Prime Price Point

According to data from Headset, the pre-roll product category’s market share has nearly doubled since 2019- and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.

It’s an interesting development, but not all that surprising. Convenience is king, after all.

But do you know what IS surprising about that dataset? It shows how, in a few short years, infused joints grew from somewhat of a novelty product to the singlemost popular pre-roll subcategory. 42% of pre rolls sold in 2022 were infused.

And no company caters to this explosive interest in infused joints quite like Stingers.

Not only are Stingers potent (thanks to their THCA crystalline or live resin infusions), they’re also affordable.

Anyone who shopped in the adult-use cannabis market 4 years ago knows that, back then, those two traits didn’t have much overlap. But, folks, the future is here- and it looks like Stingers.

Flower+THC Crystalline or Live Resin = Pre-rolled Perfection

Picture this: you announce to your bar-hopping group that you’re going outside to spark up. For some reason, everyone takes that as an invitation to follow you. Coasters get thrown on top of drinks and before you know it, you’re surrounded by 7 people who want to get high and it’s on you, the only one with weed on hand, to accommodate.

Would an ordinary 2-pack of pre rolls suffice? Not by a long shot. But if it’s a 2 pack of Stingers, well… you can make it work and might even have a joint left for when you get home later.

Each Stinger is chock full of premium flower, and a healthy heaping of strain-specific shatter, or, if you spring for the Super Stingers, a smattering of THC Crystalline.

And even though THC test results aren’t the end all be all, in the case of Stingers, they deserve a mention. Whether indica or sativa, shatter or crystalline, it’s typical to see Stingers hit numbers in the high 30’s and 40’s.

Sure, you could go with a classic pre roll pack…but why chance being left not-so-high and dry? Pick up a pack of Stingers, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Washington Smokers Love Stingers

If you’re an infused joint lover of any age, making the right choice in products can be overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be!

Whether you shop by price point, indica and sativa dominance, THC percentage, or genetics, Stingers have an option for you.

Step into a whole new era of infused joints by stepping inside a shop and picking up a Stinger 2-pack or 5-pack. You can thank us later.

We’re Proud to Carry Stinger Joints at all Lux Locations!

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