Various designs of Special K Glass bongs

Special K Glass 

After opening his studio in Seattle in 1998, a lifelong pursuit began

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Special K glass, founded by Kris Uhlhom (a.k.a. Special K), was inspired by the forefathers of the modern day glass movement in Eugene, Oregon in the early ’90s. After having purchased his first borosilicate glass pipe from the Godfather himself, Bob Snodgrass, in 1991 at the Oregon country fair, Kris was forever captivated by the beauty and function of hand blown-glass.

After opening his studio in Seattle in 1998, in the shadow of the space needle, a lifelong pursuit began. Striving for fame and fortune and dedicated to function and value, the legend of Special K continues to grow.

Photos can only show so much of this beautiful glass. Next time you’re in either of our locations, ask to check out his work!