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Super Dave Genetics in Seattle

Breeder-owned Small Batch Cannabis

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Super Dave Genetics exclusive strains are available here! We’re really excited to be carrying his small batch cannabis flower and hash. David has been committed to growing cannabis for over twenty years. We feel honored to support the hard work he’s putting forth supporting Washington with some awesome smoke!

Superman or Super Dave? This big rock of Superdave OG holds onto the sauce with superhero strength. We’ve had plenty of ‘Rocks and Sauce’ but it’s usually more of a translucent juice n’ pebbles. This Superdave OG is truly a sauce. Thick consistency with a complex flavor, this dab is like some good BBQ. Hard to find, well worth the search. We’re happy to carry unique flavors from David as the Washington recreational cannabis market needs more local breeders to bring their hard work to the PNW!

Right now we have a selection of his live resin concentrates done by The American Extract Company. The Smoothness and full flavor makes us excited for the Flower to soon come too. One of the great things about working with smaller companies is the owners hand is not only in the grow, but packaging, deliver, and retailer relationships. We know this is only the start for Super Dave Genetics. As more breeders and medical providers join the recreatonal market, the quality in Washington is significantly improving. We’re excited to see what Dave brings for 2020!