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Botanica Seattle has rapidly developed into one of the most popular recreational cannabis brands in Washington state. With wonderfully diverse products from Spot baked goods, the indulgent Proper Chocolates, refreshing Moxey’s Mints, or the groundbreaking Bond Sensual Oil, Botanica Seattle is setting the model for success in this constantly evolving industry.

From early beginnings crammed into a tiny, shared space, the Botanica team has grown into their beautiful 10,000 sq. ft office space and production facility. Founders Tim and Chris brought together their entrepreneurial passion and experience navigating the WA Liquor and Cannabis Board regulations in founding Botanica Seattle. Paired with Lena heading up the development team, head chocolatier Hillary, and Jude leading up the revolutionary Bond brand, the Botanica Seattle team now proudly reigns as one of the top processors in the state!

Botanica's kitchen equipment

‘Handmade’ is the mantra at Botanica Seattle, with every edible baked from scratch, rolled-out, and cut by hand. Their Moxey’s Mints are even individually sealed and packaged by hand – every single mint! This commitment to quality is more than apparent upon first entering the facility. The smell of cannabutter, fresh brownies being pulled from the oven, and a rich chocolate fill the air with a mouth watering aroma.

steam kettle mixing cannabis butter at Botanica Seattle

The magic behind Botanica’s cannabutter doesn’t just lie in its delicious flavor.  It’s the fragile terpenes retained in their slow-and-low infusion process that sets their edibles apart. Using a gigantic steam kettle and lots of patience, Botanica churns out 20kg cannabutter batches that are truly Sativa or Indica dominant. Capturing those terpenes results in delicious edibles that will leave you stimulated and euphoric, or completely mellow and relaxed, depending on how you want to feel.

Mr. Moxey's 5mg THC energizing peppermint mints

Mr. Moxey’s Mints are a discreet way to ingest cannabis. For those looking to try an edible that freshens your breath, helps you relax, and dosed easily thanks to their individually packaged 5mg pieces, look no further than Mr. Moxey’s. With ginger, cinnamon, and high CBD varieties currently in development, the Moxey line is highly versatile.

Botanica employees working on new edibles in the office

The botanicaSeattle crew maintain a playful work environment, lovingly naming their offices ‘the park’ and adorning it with picket fencing and picnic tables. This close-knit team has big plans for the future, with a topical cannabis line, in-house extracts, and new edibles coming to the market. We’re excited to discover what botanicaSeattle will create next!