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From seed to strain to extract, all the way to a delicious chocolate truffle, Green Labs handcrafts every step of their process.

The Green Labs team have taken the bit between their teeth and set off running since they originally established their company back in 2014. Fast-forward 2 short years later and they have grown to 17 employees, a fully integrated business, and a whole host of cannabis products under their Swifts brand and their new addition of Ruby Cannabis Sugar.

Being a fully integrated cannabis edible maker means Swifts are created entirely in-house, from seed to finished truffle, or sour candy. This level of product control allows them to grow the strains they want specifically for their products, create THC extract under the conditions they desire, and bring it all together in their kitchen to create some of the tastiest cannabis edibles currently available.

Green Labs grow facility for their edible products

With 3 dedicated grow rooms and 1 veg/mother room, the Green Labs crew can yield around 5lbs of finished cannabis per harvest on a weekly basis. They’ve approached their cannabis flower with an eye on future development with 7-9 key strains they cultivate for product-specific offerings out of a diverse library of around 35 strains.

Cannabis Plants grown in Green Lab's custom grow facility

After hanging the flowers to dry, trimming, and jar curing, the next step for the material set aside for their edibles is processing using an ethanol extraction method and purging to remove any trace elements of solvent. Recently, as they’ve expanded upon their Swifts line of edibles, they’ve begun using a cannabis distillate process to even further refine their extract for greater purity and potency.

Cannabis oil extract for Swifts edibles

The baking wizards and Green Labs HQ then lovingly mix, mold, garnish, and package their wide ranging product line accordingly. By cultivating sativa, indica, and hybrid flowers specifically for their correspondingly labeled products allows the Green Labs team to create true effect-specific edibles that run the gamut from uplifting and energizing, to calming and sedating. Boasting all-natural ingredients, vegan offerings, low-calorie, and even sugar free choices not only looks great on their packaging; it’s clearly evident in the overall taste and quality of their edibles.

Green Labs kitchen staff making swifts truffles

When we first opened our doors, Green Labs’ 7-Layer bars were an instant hit among our budtenders. Decadent, rich, and potent, these little squares of happiness are great for a snack or devilish desert.

The wide array of delicious truffles from Swifts are a perfect way to unwind, with classic chocolate flavors and new twists like apple crisp, raspberry, and cookies & cream to satisfy all tastes.

Apple Crisp and Cookies & Cream Truffles by Swifts

Subtle in appearance – not effects – are Green Labs’ line of sugar-free green tea and peppermint infused mints. We’re not the only ones who think so, their Swifts CBD Mints brought home the coveted Dope Magazine Best CBD Edible award this year and we expect more accolades to come. They also offer CBD varieties of their truffles as well for those looking for a chocolaty treat instead

Sour candies, truffles, caramels, honey sticks, mints…the list goes on. What will the future bring for the Green Labs team? Expect more mints, more flavors, new products, more variety, and more fun to come!