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Not Your Average Gummy

Gummy candy sure has come a long way since 1920, when Hans Siegel Sr. invented the gummi bear and founded Haribo, a candy company that would later take the world by storm.

Gummi bears were really just the beginning. After almost 100 years since the advent of these tasty little morsels, we’ve got gummy worms, gummy hamburgers, gummy pizza, gummy sharks, gummy eggs, gummy soda, gummy butterflies, even gummy dismembered zombie fingers.

And, of course, there’s the gummies with weed in them.

No one knows for sure what Hans Siegel Sr. would have to say about his creation’s legacy, or its subsequent repurposing as a way to consume cannabis.

But we like to think if he tried Smokiez Edibles, he’d give them his seal of approval. Why? Because out of all the infused gummies clamoring for recognition in the cannabis space, Smokiez Edibles uphold the noble gummy candy’s lofty reputation.

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The polka dot that can’t be stopped: the Smokiez story

Currently, you can buy Smokiez Edibles products in legal states in every corner of the country. But that didn’t happen overnight.

Before these fruit chews blew up and swept the nation, Smokiez was just a group of folks who wanted to help people harness the power of cannabis to live happier, healthier lives.

A ten-pack bag of Smokiez Blackberry Fruit Chews

Family-owned and operated since 2010

The story of Smokiez starts in Colorado in 2010, when the founders, a father-daughter-son team, opened their first medical dispensary and began selling their signature polka dot-shaped fruit chews to patients.

The great taste and optimal effects of their wellness products quickly caught on, and before you know it, they were able to expand into the medical markets in Oregon and Washington state, and subsequently, the recreational markets. By 2018, their world-class cannabis products were in over 1000 dispensaries, and their growth showed no signs of letting up.

And let up it didn’t: today, you can find Smokiez in Washington, Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Ohio, Michigan, Massachusetts, and Maine.

Take one bite, and you’ll be able to see why.

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Gluten-free, vegan…. and just plain good.

Anyone who regularly consumes edibles can tell you: not all THC gummies are created equal. Inconsistent effects, bitter flavor, odd texture….any of these things can detract from your experience.

Throw dietary restrictions into the mix, and the water gets even more muddied. When it comes time to make a purchasing decision, you’ll be comparing and contrasting brands ’til the cows come home.

But with Smokiez Edibles, there’s no comparison needed. They put the utmost effort into creating wellness products that check all your boxes.

Gluten-free? Check! Vegan? Check! Amazing flavor and effects? Check, and check.

Homogenization is also a major component of the Smokiez proprietary formula. Unlike some edible producers who choose to infuse their products with strain specific concentrate, Smokiez homogenizes its high-clarity extract. This means their edibles will hit you the same way every time- no batch-to-batch inconsistencies, no unexpected effects. Just relief and relaxation, every time.

A ten pack of Smokiez Sour Green Apple Fruit Chews

Smokiez Live Resin Chews

If Indica or Sativa-dominant edibles are your jam, don’t click away just yet! Smokiez also makes a product for you: their live resin fruit chews.

For this variety, Smokiez extracts from fresh-harvested flower that’s been sorted by dominance and flash-frozen to preserve its delicate terpene and cannabinoid profile. That means you’ll get to enjoy effects that lean more to the Indica or Sativa side of the spectrum, rather than the “middle of the road” feel of the homogenized distillate. Live resin edibles also tend to be more intense and long-lasting.

The mouthfeel and flavor we know and love, with more interesting effects? Yeah, count us in.

Dream CBD Moxey Mints

America has spoken: “Give us Smokiez!”

From coast to coast, from distillate to live resin, from their online-only, hemp-based CBD line to their cannabis-derived THC offerings, Smokiez Edibles are well on their way to being a new American classic.

Like Budweiser, or Coca Cola, or Levi’s, these little dots of ganja-infused goodness are more than a product. Smokiez Edibles represents a cultural moment: the collective rejection of the “reefer madness” propaganda of the past, and the embracing of cannabis as a way to get the most out of life.

Give Smokiez Edibles products a try, and see for yourself what’s put them on the fast path to icon status.


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