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The Goodship Company has been a true success story during its fledgling years in Washington’s recreational market. Founded in 2014 by Cupcake Royale phenom Jody Hall, The Goodship team set out to create the best tasting edibles they possibly could. With a heavy focus on education, community outreach, and a commitment to the highest food safety standards, The Goodship’s line of magically delicious edibles have aided thousands of Washingtonians in reconnecting and reengaging with the simple pleasures in life.

The Goodship team pride themselves on operating transparently throughout the entirety of their baking and chocolate-making process. That means adopting commercial kitchen cleanliness standards from their years of experience baking non-infused goods, and hand-making their edibles as much as physically possible. They’ve found their niche in solely specializing in striving to create edibles that they would want to eat regardless of whether they were infused or not. But in order to do that, they had to source the highest quality materials and instill a stringent testing protocol to ensure maximum consistently for every single cookie, chocolate, or pastille they make.

The Goodship Company featured in NW Leaf magazine on table

Utilizing a proprietary organic alcohol-based ‘Cypress’ extract process has enabled The Goodship team to remove the more traditional herbaceous flavors associated with some edibles, allowing the natural and subtle flavors of their products to shine. Instituting a quadruple-checking process for each batch of extract allows them to guarantee a reliably consistent experience and banish the ‘unknown factor’ some have come to associate homemade edibles with.

We were fortunate enough to visit The Goodship’s brand-new production facility for their first-ever run of infused chocolate. This former printing facility has been completely transformed into a state-of-the-art kitchen, complete with R&D gadgets and chocolate-making equipment you would find the world’s finest chocolatiers using.

Baking facility at The Goodship Company

When it comes to chocolate, sourcing ultra-high quality cocoa is only the first step in the process. Homogenizing, tempering, and properly cooling the chocolate as it’s mixed with The Goodship’s infused cocoa butter is crucial to creating a delicious edible. Each factor in the process must be highly tailored to produce the optimal snap, shine, consistency, and ‘mouth-feel ‘ for every square of Goodship chocolate.

We’re proud to offer The Goodship’s latest addition to their lineup – infused pastilles! These all-natural, highly controllable delights come in three unique varieties and are perfectly portioned into 2.5mg micro doses so you can truly tailor your experience to an unparalleled level of exactitude. Simply made with powdered sugar, pure cannabis extract, and essential oils for flavoring, these tiny treats provide a burst of flavor with the full-body and very mellow experience. Choose from classic peppermint, tart cherry, or tangy lemon-lime and hop aboard The Goodship!

lemon lime, peppermint, and tart cherry pastille edibles by The Goodship Company

What makes The Goodship such a special company are their efforts to engage and educate the Washington community about safe and responsible use of the cannabis plant. Every retailer that carries their products is also given copies of The Goodship’s own Guide to Edibles, an incredibly informative booklet detailing how to ensure your edible experience is the best one possible. For those with little or no experience with eating cannabis edibles, this can make a mighty difference between engaging with this spectacular plant or being turned-off by it.

The Goodship team also hosts it’s own lecture series, The Academy of Higher Education, where speakers from wildly diverse and fascinating backgrounds are invited to host thought-provoking discussions through the lovely lens of The Goodship’s edible treats. Check out The Goodship’s website for more info!