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Cannabis-infused gummies with a side of PNW soul

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One of America’s Most Trusted Edible Brands

If you’ve been in the market for edibles in the past few years, we have a couple of questions for you: are you getting sick of seeing the same 10 flavors of candy edibles over and over?

Have you found yourself wanting to explore other beneficial cannabinoids besides THC and CBD, but came up short in your search for edibles that feature them?

Have you gotten tired of the gargantuan bags edibles come in, and want something more discreet?

If you answered “yes” to any of that, or all of it, then we have the perfect brand for you: Wyld edibles.

This PNW original has shaken up the edible world, making their way to every corner of the adult-use market. Given Wyld’s unique flavor options, exclusive minor cannabinoid formulas, and discreet, sleek packaging, it’s not hard to piece together why this edible producer exploded onto the scene.

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Wyldest dreams: How Wyld gummies came to be

The Wyld story opens just outside Bend, Oregon in 2016. At that point, Wyld was nothing more than a couple of college pals trying to make their dreams a reality. Their early equipment was rudimentary: a two-burner stove in a small farm building.

Their vision, however, was anything but. Their all natural, PNW-inspired real fruit gummies quickly caught on, and 6 years down the line, Wyld is a mainstay in dispensaries across the nation.


Foraged flavors. Phenomenal effects.

No matter which flavor of Wyld gummies you rock with, it’s sure to come with a side of nostalgia and big, tall glass of “one with nature”. Why? Because every Wyld flavor is made from real fruit you’d find in a Pacific Northwest farm or forest.

Pear, huckleberry, apple, blackberry, cherry, elderberry, marionberry…’ll see all these at any Washington farmers market, but you’ll also see them in Wyld’s products.

And let’s not forget their effects! Wyld uses a high-clarity distillate to infuse each gummy with exactly 10mg THC (or less, depending on the variety). Then, they reintroduce terpenes to the mix, giving their end product a high that leans more Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid.

Delicious and effective….what more could anyone ask for?

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A commitment to the climate

The environmental impact of cannabis production is well-documented, and it’s only expected to grow. So you’ll be happy to know “Wyld” isn’t just a name. It’s also a nod to the founders’ penchant for sustainability.

Wyld was the first cannabis company to be Climate Neutral Certified, meaning that their facilities net zero environmental impact.

They’ve achieved this through a shrewd combination of renewable energy, offsetting their carbon emissions with reforestation and increased access to potable water, and streamlining their processes to reduce waste.

You can enjoy their products without even thinking about carbon footprint or climate change- a true luxury in this day and age.

A pack of peach Wyld gummies surrounded by peach slices.

The major power of minor cannabinoids

You’ve heard of CBD and THC, but did you know that there are thousands of other cannabinoids present in raw flower that work together to shape your cannabis experience?

Usually, when you opt to consume edibles, you forego the beneficial effects of these other cannabinoids because they’re not present in THC distillate, at least not in high enough concentrations to feel their effects.

But with Wyld, you don’t need to forego anything!

They cover all your wellness needs with three different CBD to THC ratios, but they didn’t stop there. Wyld also makes several varieties of their signature gummies with hefty doses of CBN (cannabinol) and CBG (cannabigerol), two minor cannabinoids whose health benefits are becoming more well-established among the scientific community.

Need to get a good night’s sleep without tossing and turning? Give their CBN Elderberry gummies a try. And come those dreary Washington winters, make sure you have a pack of their CBG Pear gummies. They’re the perfect pick-me-up for that seasonal doom and gloom.

A pack of peach Wyld gummies surrounded by peach slices.

Go ahead….Wyld out!

Whatever it is you need out of edibles, Wyld has a product especially for you. With forest floor flavors and one-of-a-kind formulas, you’ll want to put these chewy little rectangles in heavy rotation after your first bite.

Life can be a Wyld ride, so make sure you’re prepared……with Wyld Edibles.

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We’re excited to offer you an extensive selection of Wyld products.

Check out the menu for your favorite location below, or stop in anytime to see them for yourself.