Healthy cannabis plant roots at Aurum
close detail of Lemon G flower
Young cannabis seedling at Aurum Farms

Aurum Farms in Seattle

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Based out of Lyman, Washington, Aurum Farms is an award winning cannabis producer growing some of the finest quality cannabis in the state. Indoors with living soil, carefully hand trimmed, and 100% pesticide free. Aurum even has their own worm farm which helps replace harsh chemicals and fertilizer with natural ones! They’ve been growing since the medical market days and have committed to keep the same clean cannabis available for recreational users today. While some companies grow a wide variety of strains, Aurum focuses on growing a handful of strains really well. Their goal is to provide the user with the best cannabis genetics of a particular strain to have the most desirable experience. This selection process takes a lot of time, energy, and money, but for Aurum the labor of love pays off.

Aurum Farms meeting with Cheech and Chong on 420
Canopy of Cannabis Plants Growing at Aurum Farms

Aurum’s plants begin their life in a healthy soil blend developed by KIS Organics based out of Redmond, WA. KIS stands for “Keep-It-Simple” and their philosophy is just that, feed your plants 100% natural inputs, and let the soil do the rest! The soil is also sustainable and can be re-used year after year with small ammendments between cycles. Full of microbial life, the plants grow naturally, without the use of bottled nutrients. This provides a safer product full of flavor and long last effects.

If you’ve had any variation of ‘cookies’ in the past, definitely give Aurum’s Forum Girl Scout Cookies a try. It’s one of the early cuts of Cookies that’s known for having a great mint cookie flavor with a strong stoney high. Leaning slightly Indica dominant, Forum Cookies is excellent for unwinding after a long day. Not sedative but rather relaxing and relieving. Fun head rush with a calming body finish. 

When life gives you lemons, smoke Lemon G! An energetic, happy sativa hybrid that will get your day started right. Potent happiness yet gentle high for those sensitive to strong Sativa effects. This is a great strain to indulge in and not have to worry if you’ve gone too far, which is nice because the profound lemon-funky flavor leaves you wanting more. 

Sunset Sherbert, who doesn’t love dessert? This hybrid got its name based on beginnings in a small garage in the Sunset district of San Francisco. The flavor is an unmistakeable mix of berries, cream, with a hint diesel, so the name Sunset Sherbert only makes sense. A true hybrid, Sunset Sherbert is great for socializing, listening to music, and being outdoors. 

Kosher Kush has been growing at Aurum Farms since the medical market days and it’s still one of their favorite strains to grow today. A classic Kush that yields big colas and has been delivering consistent relief for users over the years. A functional high that doesn’t overpower the body or mind. Instead the two are harmoniously aligned ready for the day ahead.