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Mother Earth Farms is a tier 3 producer/processor based out of Port Angeles, WA. Founded in 2013, Mother Earth farms has focused on sharing the best strains possible with Washington state. Their green house grow bud is often mistaken for indoor, the quality of the flower is that good!

Everything is grown with mother earth in mind, and completely pesticide free. Only regalia an OMRI listed product is used in the vegetation stage of the grow to prevent the growth of powder mildew. But don’t take our word for it, the proof is in the smoke!

Grown for taste, aroma, and user experience. Everything Mother Earth Farms produces is from a group of weed enthusiast perfectionists that focus on every detail of the cannabis plant. They don’t grow a ton of strains, instead they grow a handful of phenotypes that have robust aromas and flavor.

Mother Earth Farms Strains

Donkey Butter is a staple in their grow and has one of the most creamy vanilla flavors we’ve found! A cross of Grease Monkey and Triple OG bred by Exotic Genetics this strain packs an indica punch with sweet dessert notes. On the opposite spectrum, their Stir Fry is a savory smoke most similar to Orange Chicken! A cross of GMO x Orange Cookies bred by Cannarado Genetics, this funky strain offers a heady high and complex flavor. The aroma screams earthy, musky GMO funk. However, the Orange Cookies flavor comes through and becomes a savory fusion of earth and citrus. A refreshing break from all the cookies and cake strains going around Washington.

Besides, really delicious and potent flower, Mother Earth Farms also makes flower rosin concentrates! Very rare to find in the recreational market, flower rosin comes from lots of fresh bud and yields in small quantities compared to BHO. The result is a sap or clay consistency oil with similar effects to smoking the flower with a concentrated flavor. Most rosin on the market today is made from ice water hash or kief instead of flower for it’s ease to produce and higher yields. Mother Earth is truly about the best experience and for them, it’s a labor of love. Their definitely focused on being around for a while, no cutting corners here!