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Light. Air. Water. Earth. 

For 502 producer Mother Earth Farms, growing cannabis of the highest quality is really that simple. 

From their mountainside perch near Port Angeles, WA , the small team at Mother Earth Farms has been grinding since 2013. Their specialty? Producing amazing weed in a way that rejects modern cannabis cultivation’s heavily-engineered milieu.

After all, this is a plant we’re talking about. Why shouldn’t it be grown the way nature intended?

Here Comes The Sun!

Mother Earth Farms sets their babies up to live their best life by growing in greenhouses, not warehouses. Greenhouse growing has fallen out of favor in recent years with a lot of growers; the large amount of uncontrollable variables is daunting for many. In Washington, greenhouse cultivation can be especially hard to manage with the state’s climate and limited sunlight. 

But Mother Earth isn’t scared of a little gray and cold! In fact, the full spectrum of sunlight that permeates the greenhouse is their secret weapon. When cannabis is allowed to thrive the way it was intended to, soaking up real rays instead of artificial light, the reward is monumental: the plants will fully achieve their genetic potential, containing a broader range of terpenes and therapeutic cannabinoids. And with the protection from the elements the greenhouse offers, rain, cold, and pests aren’t a concern like they would be with standard outdoor cultivation. 


lemon meringue strain


Mother Earth Farms has a fantastic strain lineup, with classics and exotic strains alike. Donkey Butter, Stir Fry, Bahama Mama, Purple Punch, Lemon Meringue….the list goes on. But no matter what strain they grow, the remarkable flavor and unique effects typical of sun-grown cannabis are there. You may have had strains in their lineup from other growers, but trust us…you haven’t tried it unless you’ve tried it Mother Earth Farms-style. 

Their Donkey Butter, a cross of Grease Monkey and Triple OG bred by Exotic Genetix, is definitely a standout. Kush-y, funky, and full-bodied, this potent Indica-leaner is a weighted blanket in weed form.

Stir Fry is another strain Mother Earth absolutely kills it with. This beauty’s distinct flavor of orange chicken is reason enough to shout it out, but its high can’t be dismissed either. Heady, chatty, and stoney all at the same time, Stir Fry is a smorgasbord of effects on both sides of the Indica-Sativa spectrum.

And let’s not forget Lemon Meringue! A relatively common strain, this sativa-dominant pick is one in the lineup that nobody else does like Mother Earth. Where other cultivators produce a one-note Lemon Meringue that’s more citrusy than anything, Mother Earth’s Lemon Meringue exudes the aroma of a fruity breakfast cereal. Its astonishing fragrance coupled with its carefree, goofy effects are sure to awaken your inner child.


stir fry strain mother earth farms

Eco-Conscious. Budget-Friendly. Cannaseur-Approved.

There’s one more benefit to the natural methods Mother Earth Farms uses: they’re actually easier on your wallet. Unlike seemingly every other consumer product, where you’ll shell out more money for the eco-friendly version, the most eco-friendly cannabis tends to be less expensive. There’s no energy bill, no large rent bill for a giant facility, and nutrients and soil can be reused without fear of foreign contaminants. All that savings for them means even more savings for you.

Great quality cannabis for the price of indoor mids….need we say more? 


Mother Earth Farms is perhaps one of the most unique green house cannabis producers in Washington. We’re lucky enough to have their products available at all three locations!