Sour Tangie, Chocolatina, Maraschino Gold Skord Flower

Skörd Cannabis in Seattle

Swedish for “Harvest”

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Skord is Swedish for “Harvest” and it is evident that this Tier 2, family owned and operated farm, out of Battleground, WA has their crop dialed. Their nugs are littered with trichomes, and the crystals dance under the light, inside of their thick-walled jars. They’ve quickly become a favorite farm among both customers and staff.

After perfecting their version of a Sin City Seeds Nightmare Cookies phenotype, the brand quickly grew in popularity. Since then, they have gone on to focus on exotic, boutique strains, that are exclusively available from their farm. Favorites like Breathmints, Vanilla Gorilla, Chocolatina, and Hidden Pastry don’t stay in stock for long, and once you catch a glimpse of these flowers you’ll understand why.

Another great thing about Skord Marijuana is their single source grow operation. Everything they grow also gets turned into hash. If you like a certain flower strain from them, you can also find it in their PHO or SHO concentrates. PHO stands for Propane hash oil and is a great solvent for high terpene extracts. The gold oil is full of tiny thc crystals and smells just like flower it was extracted from. If you want the purest hash, try their SHO (solvent less hash oil) hash rosin! Nothing but water, heat, and pressure come in contact with cannabis and the result is a rich hash full of complex effects and flavors. The Skord grow team and their processing manager Elliot WIck are producing some of the finest flower and wax in Washington state!

We’re always excited to get a new drop Skord. They’ve been working with some of the most sought out genetics locally and nationally. Seeing breeders like Exotic Genetix, Seed Junky Breezy, Sin City Seeds, Archive Seed Bank, and others really shows that Skord is serious about finding and investing in the highest quality genetics available.