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Drift Sublingual 

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Even from just a casual glance, you can tell right away that Drift Sublingual Spray is no ordinary cannabis product. The sleek, sophisticated packaging reveals a compact and discreet bottle, containing 100mg of pure cannabis oil. Unlike many of the more common cannabis products like tinctures, topicals, and traditional edibles, Drift provides an almost instantaneous experience that is as euphoric as it is refreshing.  

Sublinguals are more effective by nature since they bypass the digestion system and instead deliver cannabinoids straight to your bloodstream, through absorption under the tongue. This delivery method enables you to feel the effects within minutes, as opposed to hours for some. Each spray is precisely dosed to1.6mg of THC so you can confidently enjoy the perfect amount, that’s right for you, whether you’re on the go or just relaxing at home.

Drift’s proprietary ‘Gravitine’ delivery system produces pure cannabinoids infused in organic cold-pressed peppermint oil — a system that is unparalleled in terms of flavor, efficiency, and effects. Whether you’re looking for something novel, something discreet, or something new, we encourage you to swing by (Lux) Pot Shop and try Drift for yourself!