King County Equity Now Fundraiser

Week of Juneteenth. 6/19/20 through 6/26/20. All net proceeds donated to King County Equity Now.

King County Equity Now is a Black-led community coalition working to bring equity to underserved communities throughout King County.

Enslaved people in Galveston Texas were made aware of their emancipation on June 19, 1865. Juneteenth has since been celebrated as a holiday marking Black liberation and empowerment in the South and across the African diaspora. To honor this day and push for equity, Lux Pot Shop will donate all locations’ net proceeds, between June 19th and June 26th to King County Equity Now. King County Equity Now is a highly respected campaign dating back 18 years and is backed by a coalition of Black-led community organizations, solely focused on building equity among Black communities in King County.

The coalition of organizations behind King County Equity Now consists of:

  • Africatown Center for Education and Development
  • Africatown Community Land Trust
  • Africatown Preservation and Community Development Association
  • Artist Coalition for Equitable Development
  • Black Community Impact Alliance Black Health & Wellness Network
  • Black Star Line African Center Education
  • Coalition for Inclusive Development
  • Def Chef Kitchen
  • Equity Now Coalition
  • Federal Way Youth Action Team
  • Flourish Financial
  • Give Me Exclusive
  • The Postman Seattle
  • President Media
  • Black Elephant Party
  • Black Dot
  • The Equitable Development Initiative

We believe that amplifying the voices of the Black community is a shared responsibility among everyone. The money raised during this week-long effort will go directly to organizers, who are familiar with specific issues facing BIPOC in Seattle. This coalition has withstanding initiatives in place to promote generational wealth, health, human security, financial independence, art, and literacy, among many other efforts.

Additionally, the city of Seattle owns over 200 surplus, underutilized properties many of which could become viable community-owned assets or affordable housing opportunities. One of these properties, the decommissioned Fire Station No. 6 on 23rd and Yesler, was just approved last week for redistribution from the City to the community. This win for the community is attributable to the tireless work of King County Equity Now.

Lux’s giving efforts will financially support the continued work of this Black-led community coalition. We encourage others to do the same.