Loading a bong is very simple and does not require much effort. Bongs come in many shapes and sizes but all bongs consist of these basic components: water basin, down stem, and a bowl.

  1. Break up your flower, carefully removing any stems. Place into a grinder and after you have ground the flower to your desired consistency, empty the flower into a container or on to a flat surface.
  2. Place your ground cannabis into the bowl piece.
  3. Place your mouth to the opening of the mouthpiece and light the bowl.
  4. Gently inhale and the smoke will percolate through the water and into the mouthpiece.
  5. Once enough smoke is inside the chamber, remove the bowl piece from the down stem and inhale slightly harder. The removal of the bowl piece and your stronger inhalation will release the smoke upward into your mouth and lungs.
  6. Hold for a moment, exhale, and enjoy!