Elevated Collection 002: Cannabis Abstracts by Gary Morrisson

Gary Morrison’s subjects have ranged from the brilliant frenzy of professional sports to the graphic quiet of architecture, and just about everything in between. Currently his lens is focused on cannabis, after a simple commission led to another artful study in light, color, and form. His company Green Lens Images is the evolving collection that’s grown from it.

Sample Photo 1

Morrison’s work has been included in several gallery shows in his hometown of Seattle, as well as one at The Museum of Photography in Tokyo, Japan.  He was team photographer for the Seattle Supersonics in the 1990s, which provided him an opportunity to explore the world of the NBA, Major League Baseball and The Sporting News. He has also been featured in Popular Photography magazine for his artistic interpretation of major league baseball stadiums.

In his shift to cannabis photography, Morrison became fascinated with the vast variety of visual properties that shift, and change between strains. When approaching this incredibly diverse plant, he likes to imagine he is exploring the many different forms of joy it represents for so many people. For artists like Gary it has produced a complex subject to explore, while for others it has been the catalyst to their creativity, and for some a method of pain management or emotional healing. Through photographing ‘a subject that provides a path to many of life’s best offerings, both social and scientific’ he has been able to explore just how impactful a single plant can be on the world.

Sample Photo 2

Some of Gary’s images appear in large patterned montages to evoke feeling of the greater global picture that cannabis comprises, while others are a series of close ups, revealing the stunning world contained in a single bud. Morrison has now photographed close to 900 different strains and counting.


For more information on Gary’s Photography please visit: www.gary-morrison.com