Elevated Collection #003:  Impressions of Cannabis Culture

Bernadette Mae, Seattle based painter and mural artist, is the founder of Ditchwerks Studio and Design. Drawing on ideals from post-impressionism, abstract expressionism, and contemporary street art, she strongly believes the creative process is just as important to art as the finished product.  “My painting – no matter what the subject matter – is more about the drawing process,” says Bernadette Mae, “I guess that comes from my love of figure drawing and the fun of working drawings.  My study was based on working from life: life is ever changing, so is my interpretation of life.”

She began her formal study at age 16 under the direction of Sarah Holl of Scargo Pottery on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Holl, the daughter and heir of successful potter and sculptor Harry Holl, mentored Bernadette Mae in figure drawing, painting as well as studio and gallery management.  Bernadette Mae went on to become a tile maker for Holl at Scargo Pottery and studio assistant.

Later, Bernadette Mae became Gallery Manager and Assistant Director at the Guyer Art Barn in Hyannis Massachusetts.  Under the guidance the Arts and Economics Director for the Barnstable Chamber of Commerce, Bernadette Mae gained valuable experience working with local government to promote the arts as not only a means of culture and community, but commerce as well.  Building on studio management, event coordination and hosting skills that she gained with Sarah Holl, Bernadette Mae also learned about helping to run a not-for-profit, website administration and public relations while at the Guyer Art Barn.(Stash) Pot Shop Elevated Collection 003: Impressions of Cannabis Culture

Shortly after meeting her husband, Sherman, Bernadette Mae formed Ditchwerks Studio and Design.  With the mission of selling quality art and artisan products at an affordable price to sustain their art endeavors. After relocating to Seattle from New England, Ditchwerks has now extended from wall art and tattoo design to add murals, installation art, custom bicycle accessories, graphic design, consulting, jewelry, haute couture clothing, and even classic auto restoration.  The vision of Ditchwerks is to offer beautiful works of art, no matter the form or function, to the entire community.

Ditchwerks has held on to its value of reduce, reuse, recycle, by using repurposed and reclaimed materials whenever possible.  Bernadette Mae has brought the same values into her painting, using reclaimed paint, canvas material and anything else that can be repurposed.  Her passion for reclaiming materials for the purpose of quality affordable art has be magnified by her study of the post impressionism art movement, the Venetian Secession, and their virtue of art for all, not just wealthy elites.

For more information on Bernadette Mae or the projects of Ditchwerks Studio and Design, please visit www.ditchwerks.com.