Kailee Barbato

Kailee Barbato is an abstract Kailee Barbato, Lux pot shopartist located in Seattle Washington, originally from Burbank, California and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. Drawn to painting and watercolor from a very early age, Barbato has been showing her work since she was just eight years old.

Her new collection came to fruition after relocating to Seattle and experiencing tremendous change and growth in personal life. Wanting to funnel that into her work, she began exploring the tools she had at her disposal. The entire collection has been created using a variety of utensils, not typically used acrylic painters – such as spoons and knives, from her kitchen.

Using a-typical pieces to create allows Barbato to channel her emotions into each piece and considers each piece to a performance, in and of itself.

To explore more of her work visit https://kaileebarbato.wordpress.com


Kailee Barbato, Lux Pot shop