Lawrence Genette is a Seattle based muralist and DSC00388painter. In the past few years, his practice has begun to take flight, thanks to a strong desire to gain autonomy in the art community.

After graduating from the Evergreen State College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012, and upon returning to Seattle full-time, Genette quickly realized nothing is more important than developing a distinct, expressive and fanciful style that is all your own. He combines seemingly contrasting art style into his work, such as bright, super flat coloring, combined with the elegant geometry of scared Arabesque patterns. His work has a strong geometric foundation, embellished with whimsical, expressive characters.

Lawrence enjoys collaborating with fellow local artists,DSC00390 especially on mural work. One of his most pronounced and impactful collaborative pieces, a mural of Martin Luther King Jr. can be seen just off Pike Street, in the Capitol Hill Neighborhood.