Elevated Collection 009:  Malcolm Procter

Malcolm Procter is a self taught multidisciplinary artist from Seattle Washington. Blessed to have been born and raised in early 90’s Seattle, Procter found himself surrounded by inspiring artists of all mediums, and was quickly taken by their work and ability to produce emotion and thought.

A contributing member of the Seattle based art collective, Onyx, Malcolm Procter, seattle artist, hip hop, lux pot shopand a founding member of the 1st and Battery St Gallery by the same name – Procter is uniquely tuned to the city in ways that reflect the intersection of Seattle’s quickly changing landscape. His work manages to be both lackadaisical and precise at the same time. Exploration of dark shadows, intensely detailed line work, in contrast with bright floral, and the occasional cartoon, Procter has come to consider his paintings as live reflections of his given mood, and general feelings about each day; every piece a production of the present.