All the artists we feature at (Lux) are extremely near andNatalia Southam, lux pot shop dear to our heart, but Natalia Southam is especially so. We were fortunate to have Southam on the (Lux) team for over a year and were privileged to be the first space she showed her work.

Originally from Salt Lake City, UT, art of all varieties has always been an integral part of Natalia’s life, but traditional tattoo style and pin-up artwork have clearly had the most pronounced influence on her current work. For Southam, painting has been something she has always been able to come back to, as both a mechanism for healing and a tool for growth, something in which continued practice is the true catalyst to drive your finished product and self, to its full potential.

Using a variety of mediums, but focusing mostly on watercolor with pronounced black outlines, Natalia’s work plays with humor and cartoonography that is both nostalgic and current pop-culturally relevant. To explore more of her work find her on facebook at @Natalia Southam Art.

Natalia Southam, lux pot shop