We’re Reopening Seattle’s Oldest Dispensary — Welcome to Lux Pot Shop Belltown!

On Sunday, March 8, 2020, Lux Pot Shop Belltown officially opens for business. Fremont joins the ranks of our Ballard and Lake City sister stores as the premier retail chain for curated cannabis in Washington State. Our newly renovated Fremont location comes with an additional title – Seattle’s Oldest Dispensary, and one of the oldest in the nation.

Pot Stop, the oldest operating dispensary in Seattle, began serving customers in 2011. In August 2019, we closed the doors on that chapter of the building’s life and began our journey of sustainable expansion. This move is extremely exciting for us and the cannabis industry as a whole. Rather than the traditional develop-to-expand model, so typical of not only our industry but Seattle at large, we are breathing new life into a historic community staple. Industry pioneers recognize this location as the longest-running cannabis retailer in the city, and we are beyond excited to share our innovative, customer-centric approach with the Fremont neighborhood.

The completely renovated site includes large windows, expansive runs of product-filled displays, and cedar aesthetics that create an inviting shopping experience. Customers can expect the same service and care in Fremont that they have come to love at our other Lux locations.

During our grand opening week, we’ve invited over twenty brand ambassadors to host a series of educational events in the new store. Additionally, we’re offering 20% off the entire store for the first week of operation, March 8 – March 14, 2020!

Lux Pot Shop Belltown Dispensary Details:

Address: 4465 Fremont Ave N, Seattle WA 98103  Phone: 206.420.4123

Grand Opening Date: Sunday, March 8, 2020 – 8:00 am
Promotion: 20% off the entire store for the first week of operation, March 8 – March 14, 2020.

Fremont Vendor Cannabis Event Schedule

Events: Grand Opening Vendor Exhibits:
Sunday, March 8 — Mother Earth Farms, Honu, Heylo, PAX, (Lux) General Store
Monday, March 9 — Lifted, Green Labs, Craft Elixirs
Tuesday, March 10 — Green Revolution, Saints, Seattle Green Bud, Buddies, Skörd,
Wednesday, March 11 — Harmony Farms, Legal Sodas, AiroPro, Freddy’s Fuego
Thursday, March 12 — Fairwinds, Trail Blazin’ Productions
Friday, March 13 — Aurum Farms, Goldleaf Gardens, Fire Bros
Saturday, March 14 — Herba, Washington Bud Co.

Good things take time

“We took our time, years actually, to find the right place to expand our brand and community. No opportunity went unexplored,” said our Owner, Kc Franks. “We have grown methodically, always keeping a sharp focus on our core values. The team is extremely excited to bring that culture to the Fremont neighborhood, especially in a location that holds such an important and foundational cornerstone for our industry today.”

“We present the very best of what we carry to our customers from day one,” says General Manager and Co-founder, Shea Hynes. “By inviting brand ambassadors to speak about the most innovative products on the market, we’re bringing experts directly to our customers. Paired with the week-long, storewide sale, we’re encouraging our new community to explore the plant’s potential and everything we can offer. This is what Lux is all about; educating the community as much as we can, so they can make informed decisions about what products are right for them.” continued Hynes.

A dispensary that caters to you

At Lux, we value our education-based cannabis buying experience, focused on fostering real conversation between budtenders and customers, above all else. Beyond the point of sale, our community-centric business methodology has generated ample attention and praise across the industry. This approach is what makes our shops such a special place to purchase cannabis. These values, paired with Fremont’s eclectic neighborhood charm, are what spurred us to pursue the retail license in the highly sought after Fremont neighborhood.

“Lux has worked diligently to create the optimal environment for a responsible adult-use cannabis market. What better way to pay homage to the important history of marijuana, than to reopen doors that have been serving the community of Fremont, and the city at large, for years.” continues Franks.

Divides in the Cannabis Industry

The move comes at a remarkable time in the history of the fledgling industry. While sales continue to grow throughout the legal market, 2019 marks the first year since Colorado legalized in 2011, where cannabis business did not post double-digit growth. In addition, several of the largest publicly traded cannabis companies have had to perform mass layoffs. A potential sign that the ever-changing industry is beginning to stabilize. But also a clear indicator that to be able to expand successfully, a company needs to provide quality service and an approach that extends beyond a recognizable name and eye-catching branding.

That same socially responsible business acumen and legislative activism are what has maintained our organization’s leadership in the continuously shifting regulatory landscape.

Doors of Lux Pot Shop’s Fremont dispensary location open at 8:00 am on March 8, 2020, with a blanket 20% off storewide for the first seven days of business and an incredible 20+ vendor exhibits in that same timeframe. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet the teams behind your favorite products!