Menstrual cycles affect roughly 50% of the population, but research into pain management solutions have been limited. Women regularly treat their pain with the traditional painkiller and a heat pack, but for some women cramps and be so crippling that entire days have to be taken off work. Finally, we’ve found something that works and works well. Fairwinds Feminine Relief Suppository is the first cannabis suppository of its kind in Washington State.

The CBD, THC, and THCA cannabinoid ratios, in combination with the terpene profile, are optimized for relaxation, and to work synergistically with the organic cocoa butter and palm oil, to create one of the most revolutionary feminine products on the market. Because suppositories have a 2x faster absorption rate, unlike edibles, effects are typically felt in 10-15 minutes. In addition, because the suppositories bypass the gastrointestinal tract, more of the soothing properties of the various cannabinoids reach the bloodstream and will continue to work for up to eight hours.

We can’t rave enough about this product, every woman should give it a shot, because we haven’t found anything else like it.