Forbidden Fruit from Saints! A cross of two famous strains Cherry Pie and Tangie. There’s almost too many good things to say about this indulgent bud. The flower is a vivid medley of purpled and reds, nestled in luscious greens. I consider it one of the most beautiful strains that I’ve seen by far. The effects are pronounced – it lends a heavy body relaxation perfect for an evening unwind. That relaxation coupled with the joyful euphoria of Cherry Pie makes this perfect for curling up with to relax before bed. Truly the most notable characteristic of Forbidden Fruit is the incredible flavor. It is a distinct flavor to me reminiscent of ripe cherries and fresh passion fruit. Even just cracking the jar makes my mouth begin to water. It is the perfect sweet treat to reward yourself with at the end of a hectic day of holiday plans.