One of the earliest and rare cookie strains, Forum Cookies got it’s name from a specific cutting of girl scout cookies shared on ICMAGs online forum. There’s plenty debate on who has the true forum cookie cut, how it came to be, or who’s renaming various cultivars to piggyback off the strains success. One thing we’ve learned is you can’t judge cookie strains strictly off appearance. There are other dense strains that have dark hues and orange pistils which may look similar. We find the smell and taste to be a good way to identifying a good representation of cookies. This Forum Cookies is full of earthy, musky tones, paired with chocolate, cherries, and gas! The combination of the complex flavors gives it the cookie name.


Upon exhale, a unique taste filled with sweet chocolate and cherry notes is balanced with earthy, doughy, gas. The strong flavors stay in your nose for a while after the hit. Slightly sweet but also musk. The best way to describe it is complex. Each hit brings out new flavors unnoticed from the last one. With that said, the unique flavor isn’t the only reason we love Forum Cookies from Kush Brothers. The wonderfully strong high is what keeps it in the stash.

For us, the high is strong and quick. Eye lids lower slightly, cheeks start to grin. It’s stoney, but also thought provoking with a psychedelic side to it. The initial euphoria feels like a head rush but the chill vibes sent throughout the body keep things cool. With that said, if you’re sensitive to heady effects, you may want to start slower with this one. In lighter doses it feels like a functional indica. Good calm body feel with a slight energy boost. Keep smoking it though if you enjoy the heady thrill!

One of our favorite parts about this Forum Cookies specifically from Kush Brothers is the strength. Not only does this strain provide wonderful effects quickly, but they stay around hours later. Once the high wears down you feel relaxed and balanced. We find this to be useful during the day or night really. A great hybrid choice that’s calm, but not sleepy. As with everything produced by Kush Brothers, the flower is grown in organic soil and 100% hand crafted with love. You pay for what you get, and this herb represents Washington’s finest. When you know the owner of the company is consistently in the garden, it explains why it’s the connoisseurs choice.


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