Mango Glue is here and full of fruity mango flavor. If you’ve had any of Sub-X concentrates in the past, you already know why they won three awards this year at the Seattle High Times Cannabis Cup. To be honest, we’re not huge diamond fans. They sure look pretty, but often they lack a complexity of high and flavor we look for. However, these Mango Glue live resin diamonds are something special. Sub-X is a single sourced company and control all the growing variables from seed to dab. They understand what is needed in both the grow and extraction phases for their plants. This process is unique to every strain and a key factor to their success so far.

Mango Glue First Impressions

After cracking open the jar, you notice the slightly cloudy diamonds are coated in terp sauce. The sauce is a lighter gold in color, almost clear unlike most concentrates having a gold/amber color. Another interesting note, typically ‘rocks and sauce’ has a pool of sauce that the rocks sit in. There’s no pool of sauce with these. Instead, the Mango Glue diamonds are fully coated in sauce yet it doesn’t fall off the diamond into the jar. Their packaging is for the diamonds is extremely legit. The little jar is suspended in a film that makes it appear as if it’s floating inside a box. It’s visually enticing, functional, and best of all, recyclable!

Surprisingly Strong Flavor

The taste on these is where the review surprised us the most. When you smell the diamonds it’s hard to get much aroma. The flavor however, was very pronounced. Probably the best diamonds we’ve dabbed so far. Very mango heavy taste with a slight earthy sour finish. Really tasty, especially for how thin the coating of terp sauce looks on the diamonds. As far as effects go, they differed from the typical skyrocketing head high. Instead, these diamonds had more of a relaxing vibe on the body and mind. Very similar effects as the flower form, just a more intense mango flavor. Overall, these diamonds were great and we’re excited to try the other strains as they come in!

*Limited Supply Available