Behold a legend of legends amongst cannabis consumers dating back to the 70’s! This strain from TJ Organics is a long sought-after flower that is shrouded in mystery. Widely accepted as a multi-cross of landrace strains including an unknown North Californian strain, Russian Ruderalis and Afghani Indica. Grown by cannabis cultivators within the rich fertile soil of Alaska’s Matanuska Valley, MTF genetics grow hearty with increased resin production leading to great yields and a fabled potency.

The buds are moderately dense with a dark forest green color and an undertone of kelly green. A pungent aroma is sour and earthy akin to freshly ground coffee. When combusted, the flavor is slightly sweet and noticeably skunky and earthy. The menagerie of strains that make up this hybrid can definitely be felt in its effects. Like the arch of a parabola, the initial onset is a creeper effect. Beginning in the temples and forehead before setting right behind the back of the eyes. A burst of mental energy is unleashed. Creative ideas and funny thoughts allowing time to amuse ourselves and laugh at nonsense.


About halfway through, the hybrid effect is at its fullest. With the head feeling happy and hazy, the body begins to feel some light relaxation. Beginning in the neck and shoulders it soon travels down the back. Towards the end of the journey, the Afghani lineage is most present with a carefree mindset and very chill body high. It doesn’t leave you too stuck to the couch, a nice gentle way to end the experience.

Whether you’ve heard the stories and are aching to try it for yourself; or you’re in the mood for a sativa hybrid that brings nothing short of a plethora of effects, flavors, and aromas; TJ’s Organics did this flower justice and would be a genuine treat for the palate, the body, and the mind. –Reese