OGKS (short for OG Kush Story) is THE original kush that started the craze across the US. An accidental cross of Hindu Kush x Emerald Triangle began in Florida in the early 90’s. There’s always debate on how everything began, fast forward to today, and it’s still grown and shared by those who knew the right people. Josh D is commonly known as the one who perfected the OGKS genetics early on after a friend brought a cutting from Florida to Los Angeles. After that, the demand never slowed down. The pointy tight bud structure is very unique to the kush varieties and can be seen in many dessert named strains today like girl scout cookies and wedding cake.

The classic genetics might not have the frosty bag appeal that modern genetics have but it makes up for it in effects and flavor. That’s why you’re smoking anyways right? The misconception that ‘the more frost on the nug, the higher you’re going to get’ is leading people to miss out on a lot of classic strains. Growers have kept these genetics alive and unaltered for decades because they’ve seen the positive impact in their lives and others.

OGKS is OG Kush

This is OG Kush, it just got renamed OG Kush Story because of it’s history and impact on cannabis in the United States. To start, this is some of the smoothest smoke we’ve had in a while. Kush Family takes pride in growing clean cannabis that is intended for medicinal & recreational use. After the first hit you feel the creep settle in behind the eyes and shoulders. With that said, it’s not so heavy that you feel weighed down. Instead it’s a relaxing state for a introspective thought provoking high. This is a sweet choice for brainstorming and creative thinking. It’s got a happy, kind feeling that we believe makes the world a little nicer. The gassy, pine, and earthy flavor is sweet and funky with a complexity that changes each hit.

If you’re into happy relaxing highs, this might become your new favorite. Kush Family is also growing Josh D’s self named OG which is a cross of Triangle, San Fernando, Hell’s Angel, and the White. Both leave us feeling like every little thing is gonna be alright.


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