Platinum Cookies from TJ’s Organics is available! Girl Scout Cookies is a fantastic cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Many people love it for the sweet flavor and strong effects. Platinum Cookies is girl scout cookies cross with an unknown strain. TJ’s cut of this strain won “Best Hybrid” in the NorthWest Cannabis Classic in 2015. We didn’t try the batch that made it to the Cup in 2015, but it makes sense today. Definitely one of our favorite cookie strains in the state!

This harvest came out phenomenal, even better than the last. Great dense cookie structure. Orange hairs poking out, feels great on the squeeze. You can tell the cure was done right. Sticky and fresh. Slight earthy/chocolate but definitely get sweeter and the cookie come through. Complex flavor that can grab lungs a bit in a good way. High School high, cheesin hard. Was able to laugh so hard through Hot Rod and not feel sleepy. Feel it in your cheek bones.


We like to pair this stoney smoke with pretty much anything relaxing. Treat yo self with some snacks, music, games, whatever makes you happy. Add some platinum cookies for the finishing touch. It’s not to say you can’t go out and do things after smoking some. We definitely like to feel the strong silly effects going to a show or arcade bar. Just make sure to bring some with when the effects lighten up hours later. Slightly sluggish at the end, but a quick toke will bring you back into the right headspace. Live in the moment and don’t worry about a thing is what we felt. The calming cookies should help guide this experience. Smoke so care-free we get caught staring at the wall for half an hour with that blank stare. That ‘damn, I’m high’ thought crosses the mind followed with strong laughter.


Love that it says “Competition Cannabis” on the packaging, you can tell they know what they’re doing without screaming it at you. I think we all know this a home run here. Definitely will make any experienced weed smoker take an extra second to recover from a bong hit. Pure euphoria sets in after as you start to giggle like a kid again. The high hits in the eyes/cheeks like a chipmunk. Too much can certainly be sedative, but you don’t need much with this stand out! If you want to try something similar from TJ’s Organics, be on the look out for their Mendo Forum Cookies or White Tahoe Cookies.

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