The Clear Concentrate is one of the most spectacular cannabis extracts to ever hit the recreational market. Utilizing a proprietary method birthed out of the medical industry, this golden, viscous concentrate provides an exquisite experience that delights the senses.

dragonballThe X-Tracted Labs team has harnessed the power of hydrocarbon extraction to produce almost 99% pure THC concentrate, which ends up after purging and recapturing as a luminescent globe of honey-yellow cannabinoids that the team has given the moniker ‘Dragon Balls’. This incredible extract is then completely transformed with the addition of exclusive terpene profiles to add flavor, smell, and distinct experience traits.

 From buzzy, cerebral sativa-like effects, to deep, sedating indica analogues and everything in-between, the terpenes added back into the concentrate dictate not just how you’ll experience the product with your innate senses, but how you’ll feel throughout the duration of your session.

The Clear lives up to its apt name in color and appearance, butslideshow 6_2x it truly shines in the mental clarity and heightened sensory effects it provides. It is potent without over-intoxicating, intense without over-subduing, and perfectly balanced for a wonderful experience overall.

We highly encourage you to swing by either Ballard or Lake City (Lux) Pot Shop locations and try one of the 8 amazing flavors of concentrate we currently carry or one of X-Tracted Labs’ discreet and delicious Clear Cartridges!