The HOG strain has been sold in Amsterdam since the 90’s and continues gaining popularity to this day. While there’s usually some debate on strain names, HOG is commonly abbreviated for Hindu OG Kush. Known for it’s true indica effects, The HOG is bred by TH Seeds and won best indica in the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup. The genetic makeup are slightly hazy but it’s believed to be a skunk variety. Seattle Green Bud (also known by Saints) classifies this cultivar as an 80% indica with a sweet and skunky aroma with a relaxed and uplifted feeling. The buds have a burnt amber hue covered in bright orange pistils.

the hog drawing

The HOG has a sweet pepper flavor with a hint of cheese and fruit. Very smooth smoke, with a body and mind relaxing high. This is that unwind after work strain that just makes you feel great. Pairs well with lazy entertainment like movies and music. Many rely on this strain for it’s consistent indica like effects. Start slow as the relaxing effects can put you to sleep in large amounts! Next time you need to turn your brain off give The HOG a go.