The transition from medical only, to a 21+ legal cannabis industry has resulted in lots of shake up over the past 4 years. One thing that a lot of people have missed was the selection of gummy and candy options that existed during medical days. Due to Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Regulations, several companies had to go back to the drawing board with their products at both the recipe and design level. We’ve seen lots of gummies, and have several hard candy options currently – but we had yet to find something that reminded us in consistency and flavor of everyone’s favorite chew, the Now N’ Later.

Wallops hit the market just a short few weeks ago and are already a crowd favorite. While most chews have had more of a starburst like texture so far, these incredibly flavorful have a tougher consistency, and are incredibly refreshing. Flavors like watermelon, blue razz, sour apple and lemon bomb, will take you straight back to days of colored tongues and puckered lips. At 10mg per serving each chew is packed with a punch.