While Seattle music veterans, The Flavr Blue, may drip in West Coast sound, their music portfolio, consisting of luxurious synth-heavy R&B, melodic electro-pop bops, chart-topping K-pop hits and a casual World Tour with Macklemore, is evidence that this dynamic trio has the musical chops to dip their toes in the creative waters, any place on Earth.

The band’s collective pool of talent is, made up of Bay Area born singer-songwriter, Hollis Wong-Wear, Parker Joe and Lace Cadence, who co-write, produce and mix every track, and hail from West Seattle and the Central District respectively. Their latest studio release, the 2017 album aptly named Blue Dream, is an ode to warm weather on the Green Coast and provided an excellent foundation to showcase the way that art, cannabis, and community organizing intersect. After months of development and partnership negotiation, The Flavr Blue launched a namesake strain of cannabis on August 12th, 2018, (a Sativa dominant Blue Dream by Purple Haze cross available at all Lux locations) in partnership with Los Angeles based Cage-Free Cannabis. The net proceeds of which are being used to fund Washington State’s first Council for Reparative Justice.

As a community and culturally focused cohort of individuals, The Flavr Blue have galvanized themselves as leaders in the conversation surrounding art as a platform for progress regarding cannabis equity.

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