Everyone knows that it rains in Seattle. What a lot of people fail to mention is that the cloud cover can make you feel trapped in a grey bubble, from time to time. Many people use these months to hibernate and stay indoors; at (Lux) we totally appreciate a good movie, while warm in bed. Eventually, the weather and life indoors can take a toll. Here are some ideas for fun adventures in the city, regardless of the weather, and the perfect cannabis strain to pair your activities with.

Swing by our flagship location in Ballard and have one of our Budtenders help you choose the perfect strain to relieve some of those grey sky blues.


Relax at Lynn Park
Pairs perfectly with: Trail Blazin’ Productions – 9# Hammer

Lynn Park is one of those secret little hideaways that few people know about. Just off Eastlake, sitting right at the edge of the water is a small park with a tiered, mosaic tiled dock. To the left is the city and to the right is the canal, leading out to the Puget Sound. Surrounded by unique houseboats and with Pete’s Grocery’s famous sandwiches just behind you, it’s the perfect location to enjoy the mellowing affects of Trail Blazin’s award winning indica 9# Hammer. Kick back, relax and maybe even catch a glimpse of the local river otters or beavers, if you’re lucky.


Explore the International District
Pairs perfectly with: Doc Croc – Super Lemon Haze

Have you ever wandered through Uwajimaya, played chess under the Pagoda or watched the city from Kobe Terrace Park? If not, you should. A small dose of Super Lemon Haze gives an uplifting and clear high. The effects will leave your mind sharp and your body energized, with an increased appreciation for small details — the smells of the neighborhood alone will keep you wandering and looking for more to see. If it rains, pop in to anyone of the International District’s top-rated Dim Sum restaurants and thank us later.


Exercise on an Urban Hike
Pairs perfectly with: ALIS Group – Sweet Island Skunk

Are you someone who loves to hike outdoors in the summer, but feel like you miss out on awesome opportunities because of the weather around the state? If so, you’re in luck. Seattle alone has over 25 Urban hikes, involving complex staircases and pathways to accommodate pedestrians. Sweet Island Skunk is an energizing sativa that will keep you focused on the trail and stairs but can also increase your appreciation for the fauna and flora that remains green all year long. These hikes are doable in any weather save for snow, in which case you might as well head to the mountains!


Rejuvenate at The Conservatory in Volunteer Park
Pairs perfectly with: Emerald Jane’s – Golden OG

Golden OG is a mellow, cerebral sativa that will allow you to explore your own thoughts, wander a bit and use your imagination. Its fruity flavors pair perfectly with the indoor warmth and tropical vibe of the Conservatory. After you’ve over dosed on some Vitamin D, Volunteer Park is just outside and is a sight to behold. After you’ve marveled at the wide variety of plants inside, wander about the grounds where you can often find performance artists, sporting activities and more.


Wander in Lincoln Park
Pairs perfectly with: Vashon Velvet Sapphire Scout

Lincoln Park is one of our absolute favorite parks in the Seattle area. With sprawling pathways and lush greenery all year long, it’s a perfect space to get lost in the woods without leaving the city. Even more breathtaking are the views of the entire Olympic mountain range, clouds permitting. Framed by Vashon Island and Blake Island, this vista is not only a place of tremendous beauty; it’s also one of the higher traffic passages for Grey Wales, Orcas and Porpoises. Roll up a little Sapphire Scout and explore all that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. If you’re feeling more adventurous, the Fauntleroy ferry is just a minute away!